Triennes Rosé

The first rosé of the year has arrived just in time for spring, and spring-like it its!  For a longtime fan of rosés, this beauty certainly does not disappoint!  Made from an exquisite blend of Syrah, Cinsault, Merlot, and Grenache grapes, the proportions of grapes in the 2010 Triennes Rosé were expertly chosen.  The merlot flavor, in particular, is more subdued than expected, being used as a traditional blending grape, with a delicate hint of softness and plum flavor perfect for use in a rosé.  And the 2010 Triennes Rosé was bottled young enough to keep the wine exceptionally fresh, unlike rosés I will not mention from previous years.

The 2010 Triennes Rosé is everything you’d expect from a wine where the grapes were harvested at just the right time--not too early, and not too late after ripening.  This helps explain why this rosé is elegantly balanced and delightfully aromatic with a luxurious nose that is sure to evoke an “ahhhh” of pleasure.  If you have never tried a rosé before, the 2010 Triennes Rosé should be your first.  It sets the perfect standard by which you can adequately judge rosés you encounter in the future.