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In a rush to get the info for a few new bottles you're looking at?  Having dinner in a place where it is improper to spend time entering wine information on your phone?  Have no fear; Wine by the Bar is here!  Wine by the Bar, a nifty app for the iPhone, makes use of your phone’s camera to scan barcodes directly from wine bottles in an instant.  (This means no more navigating through lengthy lists!) Once scanned, Wine by the Bar puts you in touch with your favorite wine writers, wine stores, and wineries.  You can read numerous wine reviews, and even share your own musings with an ever-growing wine community of users.  By signing up on the website Wine by the you can even elect to share your wine blogs and RSS feeds with thousands of users for free (This is a good marketing strategy to help your wine tasting talents be “discovered”)! Complementing Wine by the Bar is the app Beer by the Bar.  True to the spirit of its predecessor, this app works the same way but simply provides information for beer.  In addition to the iPhone, Wine by the Bar is a free application that also runs on the iPad and iPod Touch.