la cocina tempranillo To me, there's nothing like a good Tempranillo.  Tempranillo is often referred to as Spain's "noble grape," and it is used to make bold wines with lots of character. Tempranillo is one of a combination of wines that makes Rioja, the famous red wine of Spain.  But Tempranillo is wonderful by itself as well.  It's a full-bodied red wine that is well-balanced by a signature dusty, earthy taste.  It's a great sipping wine, perfect for sharing amongst friends. The 2008 La Cocina Tempranillo is a great wine for red wine lovers in search of a good deal (and who isn't?)  For around $10 a bottle, it's a great weeknight wine.  This is a ripe, rich wine that would pair equally well with a simply grilled steak or pasta in a simple tomato sauce.  It's got a pleasant earthiness that's reminiscent of dust and leather backed up by juicy raspberries.  It's a no-frills wine perfect for a night of toasting good times with friends and family.   Pick up a bottle and savor it.