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Wine Tasting Rooms

Wine Tasting Room

The best part of wine is in the drinking. Tasting can certainly take place around the kitchen table, but die-hard wine aficionados sometimes require something a little more special.

Your house can be equipped with an area specifically designed for wine tasting. People who go this extra step are always glad they did: they find that the wine tasting room becomes the place of congregation during parties. A wine tasting room can be a great venue for an intimate gathering of two, and it can also be the hot spot for mingling during a large celebration.

An area specific for wine tasting can be set up directly in the wine room, and can indeed turn your wine cellar from a place you dart in and out of to one where you like to linger. However, the temperature wine thrives at--between 55 and 65 degrees--isn't conducive to long lingering. A wine tasting room, however, can be.

Wine tasting rooms are often directly outside of the wine cellar, making them the perfect location to show off your wine collection to guests. They can be personalized to the owner, emphasizing the aesthetic of the house and creating a fun and inviting place to be. A wine tasting room is a great platform for a wine aficionado to show off her collection and share it with her loved ones.

A wine tasting room is a great place for multi-purpose furniture like wine storage credenzas, decorative wine racks, or wine dispensers. Or consider turning your wine tasting room into a personal wine bar by adding a Howard Miller Bar and bar stools. Don't forget to outfit your tasting room with stemware and decanters and a good wine opener.