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Del Mar Traditional Custom Wine Cellar for Chef Jeffrey Strauss of Pamplemousse Grille

This custom wine cellar design in Del Mar / La Jolla Area in San Diego California focuses on wine display. A few different types of wine bottle showcasing techniques were used in the wine storage space, including high reveal display, horizontal display, arches coved trays, wine case storage, curved countertops, and overhead racking.

Traditional Custom Wine Cellar

These custom wine racks in Del Mar / La Jolla, San Diego California were crafted from Premium Redwood; a highly sought-after material, and one uniquely able to withstand the cool temperature and humidity inherent in a wine storage space. LED lighting was installed to illuminate the lovely racks.

Cellar Features

The Strauss wine cellar was designed to entertain guests and show off the award winning chef’s wine collection.

The cellar owner, an award-winning San Diego chef, envisioned a cellar where clients and guests could be entertained among 1,500 of his most carefully selected bottles.

  • 1,500 Bottle Capacity
  • Custom Made for Award-winning Chef
  • Designed for Entertaining
  • Ample Display Racking
  • Converted from Bedroom
  • Flowing Cellar Design

At their foundation, wine cellars are above all a place to safely store and age the wine. However, wine cellars are also highly valued as spaces to display and enjoy a wine collection amongst guests and friends. This cellar in particular embodies this spirit of entertainment that many wine cellar owners hold dear. Throughout this walk-in wine cellar, at each turn visitors are welcomed and drawn to marvel at the cellar’s beautiful collection.

The cellar owner, an award-winning San Diego chef, envisioned a cellar where clients and guests could be entertained among 1,500 of his most carefully selected bottles. From custom pull out display shelves to angled individual display racking, labels of select bottles from his collection are prominently featured throughout the cellar.

Custom Wine Cellar

While the wine is certainly the centerpiece of this remarkable walk-in cellar, various custom design features give this cellar its unmistakable character and appeal. At the entrance to the cellar is a custom distinguished distressed door and above the door hangs suspended racking that you’ll only find in a custom wine cellar. Finally, perhaps the most dramatic feature of the cellar is its regal custom flooring.

Visitors will also notice the undeniable flowing design of the cellar created by the gentle curves of the countertop and racking. The subtle curves not only enhance the flow of the cellar, the curved display racking fans bottles out before the visitor, and the arches above the countertops complete the rounded aesthetic of the cellar.

Traditional Custom Wine Cellar

Another unique feature of this walk-in wine cellar is the uncommon shape of the room. Because of the irregular angles of the former bedroom, emphasis was placed on creating a space that was visitor-friendly and still contained plenty of storage and display racking. For Vintage Cellars’, being able to take almost any unique space and transform it into a beautiful and spacious cellar is something we pride ourselves on.

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