Luxury, Modern Wine Cellar with Glass and Large, LED Back Panels on Balboa Island

Vintage Cellars has created a remarkable luxury modern wine cellar in Newport Beach on the Balboa Peninsula matching the home’s ultra-modern style. The main wine cellar, located on the first floor, is designed for long-term storage, featuring a sleek, elevated wine racking system by Kessick with acrylic shelves and vertical metal posts. The team built another modern luxury wine cellar on the second floor of the house to provide a convenient retreat for wines regularly consumed.

These wine cellars are a true celebration of fine wines, with every detail meticulously crafted to enhance the overall experience. The design seamlessly integrates with the home’s ultra modern aesthetic, featuring stainless steel accents, metal fixtures, and glass materials. Strategic LED lighting systems illuminate the exquisite wine displays, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

Vintage Cellars has truly outdone themselves with this project, delivering a wine storage solution that surpasses even the highest expectations. The homeowners can now proudly display their collection in a luxurious and functional space that is a true work of art.

Crafted to Perfection!

A luxury modern wine cellar in Newport Beach is sure to take your breath away. Actually, there are two of them! Nestled on the first and second floor of this stunning, ultra-modern, and exquisite wine cellars, meticulously crafted by the experts at Vintage Cellars.

Looking at their majestic finish, you will feel the amount of work and the length of time involved to complete the project. You can imagine the challenges that the team faced while building the structures. These wine cellars are three years in the making but the results are worth the wait.

Take a look at these wine cellars’ cutting-edge design and experience true craftsmanship!

Luxury Modern Wine Cellar in Newport Beach: A Dual Cellar Masterpiece

Vintage Cellars, a company renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, has been working on this project since 2020. The result is a harmonious blend of form and function, where the homeowners’ passion for fine wines is celebrated with utmost sophistication.

The Main Cellar: A Haven for Long-Term Storage

Situated on the first floor, the main wine cellar is a true sanctuary for wine enthusiasts. It’s designed for long-term storage, boasting an elegant and functional Elevate wine racking system by Kessick. The sleek, modern aesthetic is accentuated by acrylic shelves supported by vertical metal posts, creating a visually striking display that seamlessly integrates with the home’s contemporary design.

Wines and Spirits on Sophisticated and Playful Display

This exquisite looking wine room where you can age the wines gracefully can be accessed through frameless, dual-panel glass doors. Inside is a gem with a clean, minimalist feel. But while you are surrounded by horizontally displayed wine bottle, the vertical display in the middle can get your eyes fixated long enough to appreciate some spirits – tequila, champagne, vodka, etc. While its primary purpose is for vertical bottle display, you can also deposit other items to spice things up, such as cigar boxes or art pieces, among others.

Adding to its rich modern design is a marble wall that goes into the wine cellar, and then diving into the light panels. This feature is the client’s concept that Vintage Cellars’ design team carried out seamlessly.

Built-In Modern Luxury Wine Cellar for Everyday Wines

Ascending to the second floor, the second wine cellar that’s integrated into the wall awaits. It caters to the homeowners’ desire for readily accessible wines. This conveniently located retreat serves as a luxurious staging area for the bottles frequently enjoyed.

Compared to the main floor wine cellar, its depth is shallower, with the wine bottles individually displayed in label forward position.

Except for the depth, both wine cellars possess the same features. They are accessible through double-panel glass doors with marble accents on the wall.

This Modern Luxury Wine Cellar is a Feast for the Senses

The design of these wine cellars is a true feast for the senses, with every detail meticulously crafted to enhance the overall experience.

Integrating EleVate Wine Racking System by Kessick

Made with acrylic and vertical metal post for the space, Kessick’s impressive Elevate racking series is just the right choice for this luxury home’s modern appeal. Its efficient and stellar performance in storing wines elegantly compliments the luxury home’s features – stainless-steel accents, metal fixtures, and glass materials. Perfectly, the wine racks blend with them and creates an elegant, harmonious, and cohesive environment.

LED Lighting System That Promises 60,000 Hours of Wow Feeling

Stuffing the wine cellar with warm lights might be a cause for worry for some, considering how they might affect the temperature. But that is exactly the reason why Vintage Cellars strategically installed LEDs to illuminate the exquisite wine displays.

Soft, ambient illumination emanates from the bottom and top of the racking systems, highlighting the labels and creating a warm, inviting ambiance. This thoughtful lighting design not only showcases the wines but also enhances the overall visual appeal of the cellars.

Frameless Glass Doors That Intensify the Ultra-Modern Style

Using glass as the primary material for a wine cellar door raises some concerns, mainly temperature regulation. Although it can be used without issues, extra care should be practiced. With the glass design concept, a builder should also consider other factors like location and climate.

If you live near the coast, just like where this luxury modern wine cellar in Newport Beach is, you are likely to leave the doors and windows open most times and not use the air-conditioning frequently. Subsequently, natural, humid air will come into the space probably causing condensation. This can be a problem for your wine cellar, which is in theory a refrigerator. In this case, you will have to raise your temperature to serving temperature, ranging from 63 to 65 degrees, rather than long temperature of 55 to 57.

Vintage Cellars expert handling of the wine cellars allowed the homeowners to go all glass without compromising efficient wine storage. The team was able to achieve that complete modern, sophisticated style with dual-panel glass doors with metal handles, not having to worry about the factors that can affect the temperature.

Top-Tier Cooling Systems for Efficient Wine Storage

Such a sophisticated luxury modern wine cellar in Newport Beach deserves only the best cooling systems. Considering the space and temperature requirement, Vintage Cellars used two different cooling systems.

Main Cellar Cooling System

In the main wine cellar, the team installed an RM 6600 HV cooling system. The unit is recessed into the ceiling with a custom louvered opening for the air supply and return. The masterful installation perfectly conceals the equipment to preserve the clean finish. Still, it can easily be access for repairs or maintenance.

Second Floor Cooling System

Powering the second floor wine cellar is a little trickier but the team managed to pull it off seamlessly as well. Between the first and second floor, the team created a special access panel to the ducted cooling unit. The cooling unit’s ducts run underneath the floor so that the supply and return goes directly up into the wine cellar through the air vents located on the base.

Have a Luxury Modern Wine Cellar in Newport Beach to Celebrate Your Fine Wines and Enhance Your Home’s Modern Appeal

The team at Vintage Cellars has truly outdone themselves with this luxury modern wine cellar in Newport Beach, delivering a wine storage solution that surpasses even the highest expectations. The homeowners can now proudly display their collection, confident that each bottle is stored in the optimal conditions for aging and preservation.

As you step into these wine cellars, the attention to detail is palpable, with every element carefully considered to create an immersive and luxurious experience. From the sleek racking systems to the ambient lighting, each aspect contributes to the overall ambiance, making these cellars not just functional spaces but true works of art.

If you’re seeking to elevate your wine storage and create a truly exceptional space, look no further than Vintage Cellars. With our unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence, we can help you transform your vision into a breathtaking reality. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards the ultimate wine cellar experience!

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