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WhisperKOOL 5000tiR Extreme Fully Ducted Cooling System

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WhisperKOOL 5000tiR Extreme Fully Ducted Cooling System

The WhisperKOOL 5000tiR Extreme Fully Ducted wine cellar cooling system is part of the Extreme Series, WhisperKOOL's highest-end professional series of self-contained cooling units. The WhisperKOOL 5000tiR Extreme Fully Ducted unit has been designed and engineered with high-quality components and can vent and provide cooling for up to a 1250 cubic foot wine cellar. The unit maintains consistent 50-70% relative humidity with a 55 -degree temperature, even in extreme climates.

The WhisperKOOL 5000tiR Extreme Fully Ducted system allows you to remote locate the cooling unit and duct the intake and exhaust into the cellar. This system includes an advanced LED liquid temperature control and upgraded electronics, and is also available for through-wall installation.

If you do not need a fully ducted unit, see the WhisperKOOL 5000ti Platinum Extreme system.

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    Product Dimensions
    • Height 15.75 in
    • Width 14.25 in
    • Depth 49.5 in
    • Capacity Up to 1250 cu. ft.
    • BTU 5,000
    • AMPS Starting 32 A
    • AMPS Running 9 A
    • Installation Through the wall unless opted for fully ducted.
    • Temp Delta 55℉ temperature differential (maintains proper cellar temperature when exhaust environment does not exceed 110℉)
    • Outside Venting Can be done if the outside temperature does not exceed 110℉, the external grille cover is highly recommended.
    • Ducting Options Unit can be fully ducted.
    • Weight 115 lbs.


    WhisperKOOL Series Features:

    The WhisperKOOL 5000tiR Extreme Fully Ducted can be remote located with intake and exhaust ducted. The WhisperKOOL 5000ti Extreme Fully Ducted includes an advanced LED liquid temperature control and upgraded electronics.

    • Cooling unit can be located up to 25 ducted feet from the cellar
    • Noise-free cellar environment
    • Selectable 3-speed fans
    • Extreme Series Technology provides reliable starting and running performance, even under the most extreme outdoor conditions
    • Fits neatly between wall studs for quick and simple installation
    • Advanced electronic display
    • Remote digital LED readout w/ 50ft. communication line
    • Liquid bottle probe
    • Superior Humidity control allows the system to manage the moisture for improved wine quality
    • Maintains 55℉ and 50-70% humidity in cellars up to 1250 cu ft.
    • Designed to blend seamlessly within cellar racking
    • Two year parts and labor warranty
    • Oversized Coils
    • Noise-free cellar environment
    • Durable finish


    Active Humidity option:

    Now you can select optional Built-In Humidity. Built-In Humidity introduces more moisture to the cellar environment, ideal for areas where relative humidity levels drop below 50%.

    Our new Active Humidity feature carefully measures the volume of moisture needed to raise the relative humidity within the cellar to the desired level. This design utilizes Intermittent Mist Injection Technology which eliminates the use of pads or filters that can mold over time. Easy to install and effortless in use, simply connect a soft water source to the unit, install the humidistat and you are ready to go. This optional integrated system must be specified at the time of ordering of the unit. For cellars with cooling units already installed, customers can select our stand alone system which offers the same technology in a small, but effective, package.

    Active Humidity Features:

    • Maintains optimal humidity levels when relative humidity level drops.
    • Intermittent Mist Injection Technology - No pads or filters which can mold over time.
    • Included humidistat displays and monitors humidity levels.

    Option Details

    • The Exterior Grille protects the exhaust side of the system from the weather elements when installed through an exterior wall.
    • The Exhaust Plenum allows the warm exhaust air to be ducted to another area. Ideal if the room adjacent to your cellar is not ideal for warm air to be exhausted into. This also allows you to duct the condenser supply air from an alternate location.

    WhisperKOOL Series Accessories:

    Ducting Collar frontDucting Collar
    This plenum allows either side of the unit to be ducted. Duct the cold air through a vent into the cellar, duct the hot exhaust air out of the home. This plenum allows for total installation flexibility.

    Remote Thermostat w/ Bottle Probe
    The standard "Through-the-Wall" and ducted units are temperature controlled via a bottle probe. The probe contains a sensor chip, which actually communicates back and forth to the thermostat. This results in a consistent temperature setting and accuracy. Do not remove the tip from the probe!

    External Grille
    External Extreme GrilleExternal grille available for exterior venting.


    Digital Thermostat

    Digital Thermostat: Digital Control Display

    Temp. Delta: 55℉ temperature differential (maintains proper cellar temperature when exhaust environment does not exceed 110℉)

    Remote Digital Thermostat

    Remote Digital Thermostat Upgrade

    This series offers an advanced liquid temperature controller with a remote LED display (which can be placed up to 300 line feet from the unit) and electronic thermostat. The systems are designed to maintain 55℉ and 50-70% relative humidity.

    Additional Info

    WK fully ducted diagram

    A ducted system has more installation options than a self-contained system. The unit may be installed up to 25 ducted feet from the cellar, with the cool air flowing to the cellar and the heat exhaust ducted to the outside of the home. Ducting is also a more aesthetic choice for wine collectors who do not want to see a cooling unit in the cellar. Noise from the unit will be reduced or eliminated, depending on the installation.

    What's included in my shipment?

    • Installation Guide
    • Evaporator
    • Condensing unit
    • Liquid Bottle Probe
    • Optional Exterior Housing
    • Any upgrades purchased with unit
    • 2 year parts and labor / 5 year compressor


    A limited 2-year parts and labor / 5-year compressor warranty is offered with all of our cooling units/systems at their date of purchase. All warranty claims must be filed directly through WhisperKool customer service (800) 343-9463 (ext. 799). We provide warranty repairs at our manufacturing facility in Stockton, CA or, with prior permission from WhisperKool, by a licensed HVAC/R technician. In the event a unit is not reparable in the field, and is still under warranty, we will cover shipping costs (excluding customs fees and duties).

    The limited warranty applies only to wine cooling units purchased from the factory or an authorized dealer. Damage caused by others or beyond the control of WhisperKool, shall not be considered defects in material or workmanship and is not covered by the warranty. The limited warranty does not cover any parts or labor to correct any defect caused by negligence, commercial use, accident, maintenance, installation, service/repair, or improper use.

    View the complete Warranty / Terms & Conditions:


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