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  1. Custom Wine Storage Design Ideas

    Custom Wine Storage Design Ideas

    Thinking of having custom wine storage built, but overwhelmed by design options? You're not alone. With dozens of materials and styles available for everything from flooring to wine racks, finding a place to start can be overwhelming. To get your creativity jump-started, here are five of our favorite custom wine storage design ideas: by Vintage Cellars We're crazy for this...
  2. Custom Cellar: Chino Hills

    Custom Cellar: Chino Hills

    Once in a while, the team at Vintage Cellars gets to take part in a unique custom wine cellar project with one of our clients. We always enjoy getting to stretch our creative minds while solving client needs. One of the ways a client with custom cellar needs can find us is through After browsing our previous work for other...
  3. Wine Cellar FAQs

    Wine Cellar FAQs

    Traditional Wine Cellar by San Marcos Wine Cellars Vintage Cellars Thinking about building a wine cellar, but find yourself bogged down by questions? Never fear. Below, we've compiled the questions we are asked most frequently about building wine cellars. Find the answers you've been searching for below. Have a question that's not on this list? Contact us and we'll answer...
  4. Converting a Closet into a Wine Cellar

    Converting a Closet into a Wine Cellar

    You'd love to build a wine cellar in your house to accommodate your growing collection in style. But the only place it could possibly go is a small closet. Can this tiny space be converted to a wine cellar? If done properly, many small spaces, even closets, can be converted into wine cellars. Check out this wine cellar for proof ...

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