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  1. Wines to Pair with Summer Tomatoes

    Wines to Pair with Summer Tomatoes

    It's the height of summer, and tomatoes are at their juicy, sweet best right now.  I've been eating them in salads, on burgers, and even by themselves.  As you know all too well if you grow your own tomatoes, the season for these beauties is a short one, and as you know if you've ever even tasted a home-grown tomato...
  2. Great Wines for Thanksgiving

    Great Wines for Thanksgiving

    The First Thanksgiving by Jean Louise Gerome With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, there's no time like the present to start planning your dinner menu--and the wines that will go with it.  Choosing wines for Thanksgiving can be a challenge, because you have to please a variety of palates and complement a variety of dishes.  But have no fear!  Our suggestions will...
  3. Course-by-Course Thanksgiving Wine Guide

    Course-by-Course Thanksgiving Wine Guide

    There's nothing wrong with picking a wine or two that will please all your guests and complement your full buffet of Thanksgiving dishes.  In fact, if that's your style, we have two posts for you: one on great Thanksgiving wines, and one on Beaujolais Nouveau. But if you're more of the adventurous type when it comes to wine, you might...
  4. Wine and Cheese, Please!

    Wine and Cheese, Please!

    Wine and cheese platters are customarily a part of many people’s celebrations. But choosing the right cheese to accompany your wine of choice, or vice versa, is not always easy. And just as serving wine at an improper temperature can bring out its worst, serving a badly-paired cheese will also impair the taste of a wine. That said, here are...
  5. Wine for Christmas

    Wine for Christmas

    With Christmas and other holidays fast approaching, stores are packed with last-minute shoppers.  If you are among them, consider giving a loved one something very special this season: a basket of assorted wines.  Unlike socks, ties, and bolder clothing items that can be gambles (and unlike gift cards which, according to recent statistics, are rarely used in full), wine...

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