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  1. Wine Profile: Gewürztraminer

    Wine Profile: Gewürztraminer

    First off, let's get that pronunciation correct: it's ga-VERTZ-trah-MEE-ner.  Gewürztraminer, besides being a fun way to show off your best German accent, is a great wine that has increased in popularity in recent years.  Besides Germany, it is grown in Alsace, France, and less notably, in California and Australia. Gewürztraminer grapes are difficult to grow.  They require cold conditions, but...
  2. Wines for Easter

    Wines for Easter

    The Easter Bunny is hopping our way, bringing with him (or is it her?) eggs, chocolates, and of course, a big Easter feast. Whether you view Easter as a meaningful religious event, the day that frees you from your Lenten sacrifice, or simply as a time to get together with family and friends and celebrate springtime, Easter always involves a...
  3. Wine and Cheese, Please!

    Wine and Cheese, Please!

    Wine and cheese platters are customarily a part of many people’s celebrations. But choosing the right cheese to accompany your wine of choice, or vice versa, is not always easy. And just as serving wine at an improper temperature can bring out its worst, serving a badly-paired cheese will also impair the taste of a wine. That said, here are...
  4. Easter Wine Pairings

    Easter Wine Pairings

    Easter is a time to celebrate with family and friends.  When meals are involved, the focus is often on a roasted ham or a nice leg of lamb.  But what wines go best with these dishes?  After all, hams are often prepared with a variety of glazes, aren't they?  Read on! No matter how sweet your ham’s glaze may be...
  5. Four Perfect Summer Pairings

    Four Perfect Summer Pairings

    Photo credit: Le Grande Farmers' Market, Flickr. The hottest summer months are upon us. Rather than wishing for fall,why not embrace this time of year with the best produce of the season--and wines to match? Here are some top picks for summer wine pairings. Corn and Chardonnay Nothing says summer like sweet, tender ears of corn from the local farmstand...

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