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  1. Should You Decant Port?

    Should You Decant Port?

    “Do you decant Port?” is a question that often arises in whispered tones.  Though literature on the subject of decanting this special wine is extensive, most folks aren’t aware of it, and those who are are often scared off by the seeming complexity and effort such decanting--and timing-- entails. The other night I enjoyed a fantastic glass of Dow's Late...
  2. Blueberry Port Sauce for Duck and Goose

    Blueberry Port Sauce for Duck and Goose

    This winter season, tantalize your taste buds with a delicious port wine sauce that’s perfect for roast duck, goose, and even turkey.  Easy-to-make, and with a welcomed reference to summer (i.e. the blueberries), this unique treat could possibly become a holiday staple. Here’s what you’ll  need: 1 heaping cup frozen blueberries 1 1/4 cups tawny port wine (or ruby port...
  3. Wine and Chocolate: What Really Works?

    Wine and Chocolate: What Really Works?

    So, you want to get your sweetheart a special wine to accompany the heart-shaped box of chocolates you’re giving him or her this Valentine’s Day?  What wine do you select?  Unlike “standard” wine and food pairings, pairing wine with chocolate can be a bit more tricky.  However, if you pair them well, the result is truly divine!  No matter if...
  4. What Is Aged Tawny Port?

    What Is Aged Tawny Port?

    Like its younger cousin, tawny port, aged tawny port is one of the two most-popular wines aged in Portugal.  Both tawny and aged tawny port begin as ruby port, but instead of aging the wine between two to seven years to create tawny port, aged tawny port is kept at least ten years in wood.  Oftentimes, aged tawny port is...
  5. What’s Vintage Port?

    What’s Vintage Port?

    Just as aged tawny ports are created from the “best” harvests, vintage port is made from only the finest harvests.  In fact, vintage port is the most desirable of all port wines, and collectors often proclaim vintage ports to be the pinnacles of their collections.   Vintage ports are very full-bodied wines with an abundance of sturdy tannins that make...

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