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  1. Why We Store Wine

    Why We Store Wine

    Recently after a long day shooting wine cabinet education videos, selling cooling units and putting the finishing touches on some wine cellar designs, we needed a refresher course on why we are in this crazy business. In an after hours discussion of the business, new cooling units on the market and recent wine trends, we broke out 3 wines from...
  2. Tips for Wine and Cheese Pairings

    Tips for Wine and Cheese Pairings

    As the holiday season draws nearer, we find ourselves meeting friends and family to drink, be merry, and forget how much money we're spending on Christmas presents.  Whether you're hosting a party or attending one, it's a good bet that sometime this month you'll be faced with that eternal challenge: the wine and cheese pairing.   A wine and cheese...
  3. Wine and Chocolate: The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

    Wine and Chocolate: The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

    To all you boyfriends and husbands out there: it's that time of year again.  Valentine's Day is fast approaching, which means that you'd better get thinking about what you're going to give the lovely woman in your life.  Sure, there are the old standbys like a dozen roses or a nice dinner out, but the gift that will truly wow...
  4. A Great Summer Dessert: Fruit in Wine

    A Great Summer Dessert: Fruit in Wine

    Here's an easy summer dessert perfect for wine lovers.  The best part?  No hot oven required! Although you might not normally think of drinking a wine with dessert (unless of course, we're talking about dessert wines), fruit and wine make a natural pairing.  They play off each other perfectly: the fruit really brings out the sweet, fruity flavors in the...
  5. Time for Thanksgiving Wines

    Time for Thanksgiving Wines

    If you’re planning to host a fancy Thanksgiving, why not pull all the stops?  Instead of serving one wine with the meal, liven things up by serving several in graded succession.  For example, start with an apéritif either on its own, or with some light appetizers.  Muscat is an excellent choice, and helps prepare the palate for courses yet...

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