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  1. Wine Profile: Chianti

    Wine Profile: Chianti

    Chianti used to be regarded as an inferior wine.  But in the last 40 years, this simple red has undergone what might be bigger changes than any other varietal out there.  Chianti is made mostly from Sangiovese grapes: one of the hardest kinds of wine grapes to grow.  In the past, growers over-cut the Sangiovese vines, and also mixed the...
  2. Red Wines For All Foods

    Red Wines For All Foods

    If you’ve read our recent post, If You’re Going to Drink, Choose Red!, you may be wondering how to effectively increase your red wine consumption by substituting it for white.  The good news is that there’s a red wine alternative to just about every “traditional" white-wine dish! Though it may take you (and some of your guests) a little time...

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