Wines with screw caps are becoming more and more popular.  Though some purists hold fast to the idea that corks are the only appropriate wine stoppers, several connoisseurs have been greatly pleased by the benefits of screw caps in recent years.

Not only do screw caps allow for the tightest seal, they completely eliminate “cork taint” (TCA contamination) and oxidation issues.  In fact, studies have even associated consistent aging and desired freshness with screw caps.  Of course, not all screw caps are of the same quality.  However, the majority you see on more desirable, non-jug wines contain a polyethylene liner that virtually stops any air from entering the bottle.  Plus, screw caps cost far less to produce that today’s high quality corks.

While screw caps are being used more frequently, it’s important to remember that, once opened, a screw-top bottle of wine needs to be preserved just like a “regular” bottle of wine.  In other words, simply screwing the cap back on to your bottle will not preserve its freshness; it’s not soda!

Thankfully, even screw-top wine bottles are compatible with such nitrogen preservation units like The Keeper Wine Preservation System.  Just like a corked bottle, your screw top bottle and this device fit hand in glove.  So, if you’re worried about preserving a wine with a screw cap, don’t be.  Though a cap does differ from a cork, the bottle remains the same.  Caps, off!