Ravenswood Vintner's Blend ZinfandelThis incredibly affordable California red zinfandel is bursting with dark berry flavor!  The Ravenswood Winery motto, “No Wimpy Wines”, certainly applies to this well-structured, rich blend.  With a nose that includes cherry, dark berry, and black pepper aromas, this wine is perfect for pairing with red meats, pasta, and well-spiced poultry.  Moderately complex, its flavors include black cherries, mint, and vanilla.  Though the initial sip presents a touch of sweetness indicative of many red zinfandels, the slightly pungent finish makes for a nice, well-balanced tasting experience.  Ravenswood’s Vintner’s blends are, however, quickly released; the wine spends less time both in the barrel and the bottle.  This “shortcut” is primarily responsible for the affordability of these blends.  Still, the Ravenswood Zinfandel Vintner’s Blend 2008 is a delicious wine not to be overlooked because of a truncated aging process.  And given its price, it’s a great red zin to try if you’re accustomed to whites!