Riedel wine glasses are some of the most popular gifts for wine lovers out there.  And for good reason: Riedel glasses are among the best out there.  They're handmade and perfectly crafted to get the most taste out of your favorite wines.  They're also beautiful.

But Riedel doesn't only make glasses.  They also make gorgeous decanters.  Decanting wine is an oft-ignored but very valuable technique.  It can really help you get the most out of that special bottle you've been aging, and it makes for a gorgeous presentation at your next dinner party (or the next time you're relaxing on the couch at home).  Here are some of our favorite decanters from Riedel.

The Riedel Cabernet decanter is a classic, elegant shape.  It would look gorgeous on your bar or dining room table.  And of course, it will help you bring out the most in your wines.


The Riedel Tyrol decanter is just as elegant, but it takes an unusual, eye-catching shape.  When not in use, it rests gracefully on its side to aerate the wine.

martini pitcher

Ok, ok, this isn't a decanter.  It's a martini pitcher!  A martini pitcher is a must-have for parties, and this one, with its classic-yet-edgy shape, will never go out of style.