A white wine sauce is an invaluable tool for any cook to have up her sleeve.  It can be made in a few minutes with very few ingredients, and it really jazzes up an otherwise plain dinner.  White wine sauces are great with simple sauteed dinners: if you're making that weeknight staple, chicken breasts, for example, a white wine sauce can really add some pizazz.  They're also perfect with pan-fried fish or pork chops.  And the best part?  You make them right in the same pan you used to cook your meat.  Here's what to do:
  • When you're done sauteing your meat, remove to a warm plate and cover to keep it warm
  • Pour off most of the fat in the pan, leaving about a tablespoon
  • Turn the heat to medium
  • Add a few minced shallots or garlic cloves, saute until fragrant
  • Then add a half cup of white wine
  • Deglaze the pan, boiling the wine and scraping the bottom of the pan to loosen any brown bits that accumulated while you were cooking your meat
  • Let it simmer until reduced by half
  • Whisk in a pat of butter
  • Season with salt, pepper, and if you like, minced parsley
  • Pour over the main course
White wine sauces are a classic addition to your repertoire, and they really couldn't be easier.  Make sure to serve them with the wine you used to make them, a great pairing trick.