Well, our last post was about wine-friendly apps for the iPhone.  So it's only fair that this time, we talk about what kind of wine apps Blackberry users should take advantage of.  Droid users, don't feel left out--you're up next!

Wine Enthusiast Guide: Called "the ultimate wine companion" by developers, this app contains a database of wine reviews, with 1,000 new ones added each month.  Currently it has information about more than 80,000 wines.  It allows you to search by varietal, style, rating, or price, and includes a "my lists" section that allows you to save and manage your favorite wines.  This app really allows you to get an instant--and expert--read on the bottle in front of you.  It's pricey at $9.95, but a comprehensive resource indeed.  Check it out here.

R-Vintage: If you're looking for something a little more wallet-friendly, you might want to try the R-Vintage app by REGARD.  Its database isn't as comprehensive as that of the Wine Enthusiast Guide, but at $3.99, it's more cost effective.  This app allows users to get instant reviews on the vintage they're considering, whether they're at a wine shop or a restaurant.  It tells you the best years for a particular grape, giving you extra info for many different wines.  Try it here.

Nat Decants Food and Wine Matcher: This app, by well-known wine connoisseur Natalie MacLean, is a sommelier application that offers more than 380,000 food and wine pairings.  Natalie MacLean was named the World's Best Drink Writer at the World Food Media Awards, and she offers matches for every dish under the sun.  Her favorites include: planked salmon with Canadian or Oregonian Pinot Noir, barbecued spare ribs with Australian Shiraz, and grilled hamburgers with California Zinfandel.  At $2.99, it's a good deal.  Check it out here.