When you're shopping for wine, you don't always have a wine expert -or even your computer- close at hand.  But no fear.  There are tons of apps available for your iPhone that can help you pick a bottle.  Check out a few of our favorites:

Wine Snob:  Wine snob gives you detailed information about the bottle in your hand.  It contains a comprehensive database of wines and their prices, location, and tasting notes.  It also allows you to share your findings via Google Maps, email, and Twitter, and to store wines you love for future reference.  The best thing about Wine Snob is that the information is combined by professional sommeliers and winemakers, so you know the info you're getting is the real deal.  It's available on iTunes for $2.99.

Drync Wine:  Drync Wine is a great app for serious wine collectors.  Its developer wanted a simple way to track the wines he was drinking.  Drync is what he created.  Here's how it works: you rate the bottle of wine you're drinking and take a few tasting notes on it.  You take a photo of the label so that you can remember it (and find it again if you liked it), and then you save it to your virtual cellar.  Drync is a great app for helping you build and keep track of your collection.  Try the free trial version now.

Pair It!: We most often drink wine with dinner (ok, sometimes lunch too).  But as we've discussed many times on this blog, creating the perfect food and wine pairing is no easy task.  You can enter either the food you're making or the wine you plan to drink into the app, and it will give you some ideas for perfect combinations.  Or, you can "swirl" your iPhone to see a random pairing.  Pair It! really takes care to consider all of a wine's subtle details when making its suggestions, so we trust its opinion.  Get it at here for $4.99.