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Custom Traditional Wine Cellars

Classic and timeless, these wine cellars have a beauty built into the design that has spanned across the centuries.

Classic All Heart Redwood Custom Wine Cellar with Magnum Waterfall Racking, Tasting Table, and Large Format Storage

From the dining room of this Rancho Santa Fe estate, visitors’ eyes are drawn through the glass wall into the home’s grand modern wine cellar. Behind the glass entrance is an imaginative cellar of more than 6,000 bottles that incorporates a number of unique features.

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Custom Wine Cellar with Traditional Wood Racking along Staircase, with Tasting Counter Top, High Reveal Display, and Case Storage

This small wine cellar was built in a Traditional and Mediterranean style. A custom wine cellar such as this is a fantastic addition to any house. This custom wine room has all heart redwood racking below a granite countertop, topped with a custom archway showcasing some unique wine artwork. Horizontal display tops the archway, keeping this small wine closet very clean and modern looking from multiple angles.

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Custom Wine Cellar with Vintique Wine Barrel Racking, Arched Ceiling, Tasting Table, High Reveal Display, Diamond Bins, and Large Format Storage.

This Traditional Walk In wine cellar, using Vintique reclaimed wine barrel wine racking, has almost a medieval dungeon feel, accentuated by the arched brick ceilings, stone floor, and dark choice of color throughout. This large walk-in wine cellar was constructed from reclaimed oak from Northern California wineries. Vintique wine barrel wine racking and flooring are great quality and look beautiful in this traditional style wine cellar.

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Del Mar Traditional Custom Wine Cellar for Chef Jeffrey Strauss of Pamplemousse Grille

This custom wine cellar design in Del Mar / La Jolla Area in San Diego California focuses on wine display. A few different types of wine bottle showcasing techniques were used in the wine storage space, including high reveal display, horizontal display, arches coved trays, wine case storage, curved countertops, and overhead racking.

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Large Traditional Wine Cellar with Case Storage, Diamond Bins, Full Reveal Horizontal Display

Vintage Cellars assisted in designing and building this traditional wooden wine cellar in this Tuscan style home in Rancho Santa Fe, California. This large, spacious walk-in wine cellar has many different design features throughout, and the flow and table top features encourage social gatherings. This traditional custom wine cellar has all heart redwood with a light stain, with a large variety of design features, including room for large format bottle storage.

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Small Custom Closet Walk In Wine Cellar with Custom Cabinetry, Sink, Decanting Space, High Reveal Display, and a Custom Wrought Iron and Glass Door

This traditional custom wine cellar is gorgeous and simple too. This wine cellar has already drawn you in from halfway across the room. The striking artistic wrought iron and glass doors on this small walk-in wine cellar are magnificent. There is no door style that matches better for a traditional wine cellar like this. On a traditional wrought iron and glass door, it is imperative to make sure your glass is dual paned and thermally insulated. Glass is a poor insulator, and temperature flows through it easily. This type of door is fantastic visually, but if it doesn’t meet halfway in making the room function properly, you can expect to see problems with your cooling system much sooner than expected.

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Small Custom Closet Wine Cellar with Wrought Iron and Glass Door, Decanting Countertop, Case Storage, and High Reveal Display

This homeowner had extensive collections of both high-end wines and bourbon. Wine and bourbon require completely different storage solutions, so naturally, two unique and completely separate rooms were created to showcase them both. The homeowners were fantastic in meeting with our team to collaborate on a bourbon room and wine cellar design that worked within their special spaces and budget.

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Traditional Custom Closet Walk in Wine Cellar with Glass Rack, Horizontal Display, Case Storage, and Coved Trays

This project is more than meets the eye! In an elegant neighborhood in Del Mar, San Diego, California, this unique small custom wine cellar truly acts as a showstopper. Originally within this house, the door which now faces outward used to be around the corner in a small hallway, virtually eliminating any visibility into this traditional walk-in custom wine cellar. Upon seeing the location of this space within the house, Gene Walder and the knowledgeable team at Vintage Cellars knew that to really take advantage of the room provided, (which is actually below the stairs), they needed to get rid of the original door and add a brand new one facing the main living space.

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Traditional Custom Wine Cellar with Custom Cabinetry, Overhead Racking, Tasting Table, Sink and Countertops

This exquisite, traditional wood walk-in wine cellar in Rancho Santa Fe, California was installed in the second story of the client’s home. This unique wine room was featured in the November 30, 2010 issue of The Wine Spectator article, “Small is beautiful.” The article interviews the owners of the home and discusses their wine collection, design ideas, and features, smart past wine buys, and much more.

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Traditional Library Style Custom Wine Cellar with Waterfall Racking, Case Storage, and Quarter Round Storage

This was a very large wine cellar Vintage Cellars built back in the early 1990's in Palos Verdes. The homeowner, a longtime client and friend, had a very large wine collection and wanted it to be stored in a library-style fashion. Vintage Cellars was able to craft a one-of-a-kind wine storage room for the client, featuring all of the design features necessary to properly store this one-of-a-kind wine collection for years to come.

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Huntington Beach Newport Beach Orange County Underground Custom Wine Cellar

This incredible construction and engineering feat of a custom wine cellar involved the homeowner completely digging out the space by hand under the ground of their garage. The space was then excavated and re-covered and sealed to appear as if nothing had ever happened.

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Wine Spectator Featured San Diego Custom Wine Cellar and Tasting Room

The Escondido Project has a 2-ton Wine Guardian ducted system installed in a custom cellar that holds 4000+ bottles. This Walk-in Custom Wine Cellar was featured in The Wine Spectator Magazine on November 30, 2010, in the "Bigger is Better" issue covering custom wine cellars. This beautiful showcase of a wine cellar has multiple rooms, with one wine room as well as a separate area for gathering and socializing with friends. The racking is all heart redwood, with many features throughout such as arches over mirrors and a custom archway, marble countertops, tiered racking, bin storage, large format bottle storage, horizontal displays, and more.

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Guilford Connecticut Custom Wine Cellar Redwood Traditional Glass Wine Room

This custom wine cellar was designed and built by Vintage Wine Cellars in 2020. We worked 100% remotely with this client to create a beautiful and functional space in unfinished redwood. This wine cellar's wine racking has many versatile features to store different sizes and styles of wines and wine bottles, such as tiered coved trays for large format wine bottles, high reveal display rows, individual bottle storage, Original Wooden Cases, and custom cabinetry.

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Chino Hills East Los Angeles Eco-Friendly Custom Under Stairs Wine Cellar

A custom wine cellar design such as this takes the unique shapes and features within a room and utilizes them to create a truly special wine storage room. This under stairs wine room utilizes the cascading shape of typical under-stair space. Additionally, the walls follow the curve of the staircase above, so the racks themselves are curved to accommodate the unique shape of the space.

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Laguna Hills Orange County Small Custom Wine Cellar with Wrought Iron Door

This custom wine cellar in Laguna Hills, Orange County, California is a great example of a traditional redwood racking style. The wine cellar, located right off the client's kitchen, provides easy access to favorite vintages just steps away. This wine room incorporates a glass door and a wrought iron gate display feature with many of the client's best bottles locked away inside.

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Rancho Santa Fe Traditional Custom Wine Cellar with Center Island Glass Display, Rolling Library Ladder, and Dumbwaiter

Our featured cellar of the month is a beautifully designed cellar located in the Rancho Santa Fe area of San Diego, California. The racking in this 3000-bottle cellar was constructed entirely out of black walnut with a clear finish and is inspirational.

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Beverly Hills Under House Custom Wine Cellar Wine Room

This unique space, an underground, under the house custom wine cellar built by Vintage Cellars, truly showcases the ability to transform any unused space in the house into a magnificent wine room, no matter what the size. This wine cellar utilized dark stain on the Walnut racking to further increase the underground cellar feel.

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Kansas City Missouri Custom Wine Cellar Design, Wine Closet and Wine Room with Glass Front

This show-stopping, glass-enclosed custom wine cellar design, created by Vintage Cellars of San Diego, California, truly proves that any space within a home can be converted into a fantastic, usable wine storage space. Wine Rooms such as this often require an oversized wine storage cooling unit or cooling system due to the large glass wall.

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Poway / Rancho Bernardo, San Diego Traditional Custom Wine Cellar and Walk In Wine Room

Walk into the kitchen in this Poway / Rancho Bernardo, San Diego home and it's impossible to miss this gorgeous 2,000 bottle, custom wine cellar showpiece. Completed in 2018, the cellar is complete with custom walnut-stained poplar wine racking, rolling ladder for out of reach bottles, and much, much more.

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Louisiana Custom Wine Cellar with Dining Area

This custom wine cellar serves as the perfect place to store wines and sample them. Not only that, a full-fledged dining area makes it possible to eat meals in the climate-controlled serenity of the wine storage space, with the wines in easy reach.

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Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego Traditional Rustic Wine Cellar with Wrought Iron Door

This traditional rustic custom wine cellar in Rancho Santa Fe, California is comprised of redwood custom wine racks and many unique design features including a curved redwood countertop with a curved bin display, three tiers of full reveal wine bottle display, as well as a gorgeous custom wrought iron, dual pane glass custom wine cellar door.

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