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Guilford Connecticut Custom Wine Cellar Redwood Traditional Glass Wine Room

This custom wine cellar was designed and built by Vintage Wine Cellars in 2020. We worked 100% remotely with this client to create a beautiful and functional space in unfinished redwood. This wine cellar's wine racking has many versatile features to store different sizes and styles of wines and wine bottles, such as tiered coved trays for large format wine bottles, high reveal display rows, individual bottle storage, Original Wooden Cases, and custom cabinetry.

The unique shape and design of this room required a skilled contractor like Vintage Wine Cellars to design and create a completely custom wine cellar - perfectly fit to the shape and flow of the room. This client's room was actually huge - but he just didn't have the need to fill it completely with wine (maybe one day!) The front and rear walls are both fitted with custom racking, divided by open space and a large marble countertop. This room would lend itself perfectly to enjoying a nice bottle or three with some friends as there is plenty of space to walk around and mingle, as well as counter space begging to be used to decant those fantastic bottles.

Custom Wine Cellars such as this are more common in traditional-style homes, as the decor matches very well with the rustic motif.There are so many different styles and paths you can choose for racking and design nowadays. Traditional Racking such as this can have limitless variations and design features to properly store your unique collection - one of the many reasons we love wooden wine cellars.

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