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WineKeeper Stainless Steel Stopper Assembly (NO TUBE)

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WineKeeper Stainless Steel Stopper Assembly (NO TUBE)

The new WineKeeper Stainless Steel Stopper Assembly No Tube for refrigerated WineKeeper units is totally compatible with existing systems.

It is crucial not to over tighten the stopper assembly to avoid breakage. If using the older plastic stopper assembly, original tubing can still be used with this replacement.

Process for replacement:

  • remove wine and nitrogen supply tubes from the assembly
  • remove wine stainless steel tube that goes into the bottles - it should just pull out from the bottom of the assembly
  • trim the stretched tubing with scissors and push deeply into the hose fitting which reconnects the nitrogen supply
  • slide stainless wine tube into bottom of stopper assembly. trim off the stretched end of the wine tube and insert deeply into the gray fitting

**Offered for a variety of bottle types:**Port, Standard wine bottle, Screw cap.


The new stainless body offers a number of advantages over the plastic assembly (#15161).

  • at key stress points the the piece can not break
  • replacement latex washers can just slid on after removing a clip
  • cleaner look with push on fittings for the tubing


  • Height 10 1/8 in
  • Width 18 1/8 in
  • Depth 6 3/4 in
  • Weight .65 lbs.


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