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Stunning Home Wine Storage Built By Expert Orange County Wine Cellar Designers

Working with Orange County Wine Cellar Designers

Why should you work with professional wine cellar designers to build custom wine storage for your Orange County home? Experts in residential wine cellars like the team at Vintage Cellars can take your wine cellar design ideas and turn them into something extraordinary. In addition to creating a beautiful and secure wine storage space, they’ll ensure that the cooling system works efficiently in your wine room. And that the lighting system you choose will create the atmosphere you want without affecting the temperature and humidity in your home wine room.

This client shared wine cellar ideas he found online with our team of expert Orange County wine cellar designers for this project. Then the team discussed with the client all the essential factors that they consider before they start working on a project.

The Client Had Previously Worked with Vintage Wine Cellar Designers on Orange County Projects

Jake Austad, a wine cellar designer with Vintage Cellars in Orange County, was contacted by a repeat client. This client had previously worked with Vintage Cellars to build a residential wine cellar with a wet bar area. This time, the client had another area to renovate, and the team built this remarkable space as a beautiful conversation piece for his home. Jake’s team designed and built this home wine cellar, creating a beautiful glass-enclosed wine room with both traditional and modern elements.

Wine Racking System Customized to Fit the Client’s Small Space for the Wine Cellar

If you’re looking for wine cellar design ideas for a small space in your home, you’ll be wise to work with professional wine cellar design experts like Jake. Vintage Cellars can work with wine cellar design ideas for small spaces, large commercial wine cellars for your business establishment, and anything in between. We’ll work with the aesthetic in your Orange County home or business, as well as incorporate your storage goals to design a wine cellar that’s both beautiful and functional.


Glass and metal elements give a modern touch to this luxurious Orange County home wine cellar, crafted by the expert designers at Vintage Cellars.

Custom Home Wine Cellar Components

Our Orange County wine cellar designers created a real masterpiece when they crafted this beautiful home wine cellar. It’s a wonderful combination of form and function, and a lovely addition to this stylish and well-designed home.

  • Wooden and metal racking
  • Custom wooden display trays
  • Large glass wall with floor to ceiling VintageView racking
  • Warm and welcoming wine cellar lighting


This cellar was designed with multiple bottle storage formats, allowing for large amounts of storage and lots of ways to display the beautiful bottles.

The team fused traditional and modern wine racking designs for this wine cellar to give the wine room a perfect balance of class, luxury, and sophistication. As you open the glass wine cellar door, you will see a diamond bin sandwiched by two cork-forward racks below the window. Then on the right side are racks built to house crates, which are also sandwiched by cork-forward racks. Above that are rows of horizontal and vertical racks that show off the beautiful wine bottle labels.

A section on the left side of the wine room is a metal racking system built by VintageView for this wine cellar. The metallic racking system comprises two columns of floor-to-ceiling single-deep racks installed close to each other. From the outside, you can see the contents of the backside of the metal racking system through the arch-shaped glass panel on the wall. To maximize the capacity of the wine room, the team installed a single column of floor-to-ceiling metal wine racking near the central metal wine racking system.

Efficient Wine Cellar Cooling System

Hiring professional wine cellar designers and builders to plan and install a cooling unit in your wine room is crucial in preserving your wines effectively. Before installing a wine cellar cooling system, the team will calculate the heat load of the entire wine cellar. A heat load calculation will determine what would be the perfect cooling system to install in the custom wine cellar for your home.


Label forward VintageView metal racking is a popular choice for wine storage created by our expert wine cellar designers.

Jake’s team performed a heat load calculation before working on the cooling unit. The minimum power required for this client’s wine cellar is 6600 BTUs. Installing a cooling unit with a lower rating would be much less effective and would cause your cooling system to run non-stop and wear out much more quickly. A temperature of around 52°F to 57°F with an average relative humidity of 60% is recommended to store and age your wines safely. The incorrect cooling system would struggle to maintain these levels.

Based on those functional requirements as well as the layout of the room and home, Jake and his team installed an industrial-grade Rack Mounted (RM) cooling system from LRC. This cooling unit is a split-type cooling unit which means that the evaporator and condenser are two separate parts and not housed in a single container. Taking advantage of this cooling unit’s feature, the team placed the condenser outside the wine room. Then, the crew hid the evaporator coils within the racking system from the right side of the home wine cellar.

It is advisable to have the cooling unit in your wine cellar serviced at least yearly. Doing so will prolong the life of your cooling unit and keep it in perfect working condition. The design and setup of this cooling system for the clients make it easier for the team to do repairs and maintenance. The maintenance team won’t have to reposition any significant parts of the wine cooling system; they only have to remove the enclosure and work with the unit.

Build a Wine Cellar in Your Orange County Home with Professional Wine Cellar Designers

When you’re ready to start on your own residential or commercial custom wine cellar, you’ll want to work with professional Orange County wine cellar designers like the Vintage Cellars team. Your wine collection is your investment. Work with the best in making your dream wine cellar a reality. Are you looking for design ideas for your Orange County home? Call us NOW at (800) 876-8789 or click here to connect with us and get started!

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