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Huntington Beach Newport Beach Orange County Underground Custom Wine Cellar

This incredible construction and engineering feat of a custom wine cellar involved the homeowner completely digging out the space by hand under the ground of their garage. The space was then excavated and re-covered and sealed to appear as if nothing had ever happened.

custom wine cellar

Inside the house, A stone archway and corridor, covering a rustic and ornate staircase leads down into the underground custom wine cellar. The stairs also have a counterweight feature in which they completely lift vertically half way down the staircase to reveal another small storage space. Not for wine, but what a cool feature!

Upon entering this large walk in wine cellar, stone archways welcome you into a dimly lit social space, surrounded by thousands of incredible bottles of burgundy, bordaux, napa vally cabernets and the like. Stone surrounds the custom designed wine racking arches. On the left side of the entrance, there is a gorgeous mosaic of wine grapes and leaves in a somewhat abstract fashion. The gorgeous marble countertop underneath with a Rogar wine bottle opener remains as a perfect place to open and decant wine to let breathe.

The main room in the rustic wine cellar features individual and double bottle storage, stone and unfinished walnut archways, and high reveal display rows wrapping throughout. The stone walls, torch-like lighting fixtures and the stunning old world style chandelier creates a true feeling that this Huntington Beach / Newport Beach wine cellar is actually inside of an old castle.

Cellar Features

  • 2,000 Bottle Capacity
  • Old World Feel
  • Library Style Design

Upon turning the corner into the next wine storage space, you are greeted by walls of library style, floor to ceiling, double deep wine racking with a high reveal display row at waist level. This section of the vintage rustic wine cellar also has a library ladder, ensuring that every bottle can be reached with ease.

The homeowners intelligently collaborated with Vintage Cellars to create a smart wine cellar design with room for social gatherings, as well as a back corridor featuring their most prized wines and champagnes. The unique underground location of this medieval farmhouse style wine cellar also assists greatly in maintaining a constant cool temperature and humidity.

The homeowners could not have been more pleased with their new wine cellar, and they were truly incredible people and a pleasure working with as well.

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