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Combo Wine & Beer Custom Cellar / San Diego

With the rising craft beer market in San Diego, combo wine and beer cellars are becoming more popular.


Cellar Features

This stylish and personalized combo wine and beer cellar has a mid-century flair with a cellar designed to use the space beautifully and effectively for both beer and wine.

  • Modern design
  • Custom Racking Style available through Vintage Cellars
  • Floor to ceiling racking designed to handle a curved wall
  • Full reveal and horizontal wine bottle display



Vintage Cellars has built gorgeous custom wine cellars and wine storage rooms across the United States and World for over 25 years. We are your go-to business for anything wine cellar and wine storage related!

Whether you're interested in a wine closet, wine racking, custom wine racks, a custom wine cellar door, or a cooling system for your existing space, Vintage Cellars has you covered!

With so many different kinds of wine racks/wine racking/wine cellar designs and styles, you can really go in any and every direction in the discovery and design phase of a custom wine cellar project. The custom wine cellar builder's team at Vintage Cellars makes the entire process exciting, informative, and smooth from start to finish.

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