Luxurious Modern Wine Walls in Phoenix: A Stone-Backlit Cellar Masterpiece

Custom modern wine walls in Phoenix are recently increasing in popularity, especially in luxurious homes and neighborhoods. Located in the dining room, this wine cellar project by Vintage Cellars is a testament to custom craftsmanship and innovative design. The wine wall boasts an illuminated LED stone back wall, a double-deep matte-black metal peg racking system, and a glass enclosure with a black steel frame.


This dining room modern wine wall is a perfect addition to any Phoenix home with its elegant and contemporary way of protecting and showcasing prized bottles of wine.

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Modern Wine Walls for Phoenix Homes that Pay Homage to a Family Legacy

In the realm of fine wine connoisseurship, having a dedicated space to store and display your prized collection is a must. But for one Arizona homeowner, this modern wine cabinet was more than just a functional feature; it was a way to honor his family’s legacy. 

The client’s grandfather had worked in the stone business, and the client wanted a wine wall that incorporated this element. Previously, the client had a larger wine cellar, but during renovations, he decided to shift the space around and opted for a wine wall cabinet as a showpiece.

Modern Wine Walls in Phoenix with Backlit Stone Cellar Wall

The wine wall designed for this Phoenix home is a testament to the seamless integration of traditional elements with modern design. Our expert designers at Vintage Cellars worked diligently with the client to source a fantastic stone material that would fit perfectly for the client’s small wine cellar.

modern_peg_metal_wine_rack_for_Phoenix_wine_wall modern_peg_metal_wine_rack_for_Phoenix_wine_wall-2-new_1_w43zor_c_scale,w_1135 Stone wall with LED backlighting and metal peg wine racking

The LED backlighting makes the stone wall come alive as it illuminates the wine cellar and gives a beautiful ambiance to the room.

The stunning LED backlighting adds a touch of modernity to the stone wall and can be adjusted according to the client’s mood, setting the perfect ambiance. The backlit stone wall enhances the overall aesthetic of the modern dining room, making it more than just an ordinary wine storage space.

Innovative Wine Peg Racking System: A Small-Spaced Wine Storage with Big Impact The wine cabinet also features an innovative metal peg-racking system that maximizes the available space in order to accommodate a large number of wine bottles. The double-deep matte-black metal wine racking allows for the wine bottles to be displayed label-forward, ensuring that each wine or drink is easily recognizable.

This design aspect, coupled with the LED backlighting against the stone wall, creates an effect of depth that beautifully showcases the wine bottles. Even though the wine cellar occupies a small space, the double-deep metal peg wine racks can comfortably accommodate up to 150 wine bottles. This proves that with thoughtful design and creative solutions, even small spaces can make a big impact.

Sleek Wine Wall Glass Enclosure: A Modern Twist in Wine Cellar Design

The wall wine cellar door design combines a custom black metal frame with a dual-paned insulated glass door specially constructed to provide an efficient wine storage environment. The black metal frame adds a touch of class, and the glass enclosure allows you to display your collection proudly. It’s an elegant addition to any home, turning your wine collection into a talking point.

Vintage Cellars highly recommends these dual-paned insulated glass panels for modern wine walls in Phoenix homes. The heavy, robust glass door panels are ideal for maintaining the cool air inside the wine cellar, a crucial factor in preserving the quality of the wine. The thick dual-paned door also contributes to soundproofing, blocking the wine cooling system’s sound into the dining room area.

Ensuring an Optimal Wine Storage Environment with a Ducted Split Cooling System

dual_paned_glass_door_for_modern_Phoenix_wine_wall_cellar dual_paned_glass_door_for_modern_Phoenix_wine_wall_cellar Dual-paned insulated glass panel doors and custom wooden grille for the ducted split cooling system

The wine wall is perfectly insulated double-paned glass door panels and with spray foam insulation behind the cellar.

A ducted split wine cooling system was utilized in this wall wine cellar project by the experts at Vintage Cellars. The system has two vents visible on the custom wood grille up the modern wine wall, which functions to efficiently regulate the temperature and humidity of the wine cellar.

The first grille serves as the exit point for the air, while the other is connected to the ducted split cooling system situated in the attic space of the wine cellar. This strategic placement ensures that the cool air is evenly distributed throughout the cellar, creating an optimal environment for wine storage.

Dual-Paned Insulated Glass and Spray Foam Insulation: Preventing Condensation Build-Up in the Modern Wine Wall An essential aspect of maintaining the quality of the wines is to prevent condensation build-up, a common issue faced by many wine cellars. For this, the wine wall features custom-made, dual-paned insulated glass doors.

Apart from the insulated glass doors, spray foam insulation was also applied behind the cellar’s inner wall. This additional layer of insulation keeps out moisture, further enhancing the efficiency of the wine cellar and ensuring the longevity and quality of the wines stored within.

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Custom modern wine walls in Phoenix homes have become a sought-after feature in many restaurants and home wine cellars, particularly in areas like Encanto, Central City, Desert View, Mountain Park Ranch, and more.

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