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Contemporary Glass Wall Custom Cellar Carlsbad San Diego, California

This custom wine cellar was constructed in Carlsbad, San Diego, California. It is comprised of VintageView metal wine racks, stone flooring, and some wooden custom wine racking. The entryway wall and custom wine cellar door are of seamless, tempered, and insulated dual-pane glass. The result is a sleek wine storage space and a distinctly contemporary wine cellar design by Vintage Cellars.


Glass-enclosed cellars are becoming the hottest new trend in proper wine storage. Seen in many high-end contemporary homes, this style beautifully showcases the wine's individual labels, with the unique metal horizontal display label forward design. This space also boasts a nice countertop with glass front cabinet storage above and diamond bins and drawers below. Pull out a bottle or two, set up a nice charcuterie and cheese plate, invite a few friends over - you've got the makings of an incredible night!


Wine rooms encased in glass are unique in their behind-the-scenes design and installation. After the room has been built properly, ensuring proper cooling can be troublesome without the proper guidance from a wine cellar expert. The wine cellar specialists and builders at Vintage Cellars are extremely knowledgeable and qualified to calculate the best possible fit for each unique space.

Most often, glass-enclosed wine cellars need to be fitted with a larger cooling unit than may seem necessary. Glass - even when dual paned and insulated - is not a great insulator. Understanding the ins and outs of wine cellar construction and wine cellar design from a knowledgeable company like Vintage Cellars is key in ensuring your wine cellar runs smoothly and your wine investment is properly taken care of.

Cellar Features

  • VintageView metal wine racks
  • Beautiful stone flooring
  • Wooden custom racking
  • Seamless, tempered & insulated dual-pane glass

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