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Rancho Santa Fe Traditional Custom Wine Cellar with Center Island Glass Display, Rolling Library Ladder, and Dumbwaiter

Our featured cellar of the month is a beautifully designed cellar located in the Rancho Santa Fe area of San Diego, California. The racking in this 3000-bottle cellar was constructed entirely out of black walnut with a clear finish and is inspirational.

Built to match the homeowner's wine collection, this cellar features a custom-designed center island with a glass display, rolling shelves for large format wines, a rolling library ladder, and a dumbwaiter to bring new cases of wine to the cellar.

Cellar Features

Integrated with custom display rows, individual bottle storage, and plenty of space for case storage, this cellar checks all of the boxes. LED lighting throughout and a trio of chandeliers give warmth to the room, but thanks to three separate commercial grade cooling units this impressive wine collection stays at the perfect temperature all the time.

  • 3000 Bottle Capacity with rolling shelves for Large Format wines
  • Custom designed center island with glass display
  • Rolling library ladder and dumbwaiter to bring new cases of wine to the cellar
  • One-of-a-kind grill, designed and fabricated by Vintage Cellars

No bottle is out of reach in this Rancho Santa Fe wine cellar with the addition of a hook rolling library ladder. A hook ladder has fixtures that allow it to slide along the rail and can be lifted off the rail if you want to transfer it to another section of the racking on a different wall. Custom-designed rolling shelves make accessing this impressive collection of large format wines nearly effortless. An added glass-top display on the center island makes viewing them as convenient as it is pleasing to the eye.

In the center, a small countertop and opening are used for a practical space to open and decant wines. Glass shelving features and acrylic wine racking dividers make for a fun, transparent, and sleek looking centerpiece.

This one-of-a-kind grill, designed and fabricated by Vintage Cellars, not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also functions as the return and supply vents for the three-commercial grade, rack-mounted cooling systems that provide the cold air to the cellar.

With so many different kinds of wine racks/wine racking/wine cellar designs and styles, you can really go in any and every direction in the discovery and design phase of a custom wine cellar project. The custom wine cellar builder's team at Vintage Cellars makes the entire process exciting, informative, and smooth from start to finish.

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