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Ultra- Wine Rack Straight Peg 3 Ft Black ( Cork Out 9 Bottles)

Ultra- Wine Rack Straight Peg 3 Ft Black ( Cork Out 9 Bottles)


Ultra- Wine Rack Straight Peg 3 Ft Black ( Cork Out 9 Bottles)

The Ultra Wall Rail is a modern wine rack wall mount that’s easy to DIY. The rails are available in a variety of options and the design possibilities are endless. By the time you’ve finished your easy home installation, you can sit down, have a nice glass of wine, and enjoy your one-of-a-kind wine wall display.

This modern metal wall wine rack is perfect for you!

Ultra Wall Rails (Cork-Out) are ideal for the person looking to maximize the capacity of their wine storage. The Ultra Wall Rail was designed as a sleek way to maximize storage in small spaces. This type of wall decor is sure to catch the eyes of wine-loving friends and draw them into the unique wall wine display you’ve created.

Store your bottles securely in one place.

We’ve equipped our straight wall rails with sturdy brushed aluminum pegs for a sleek, minimalist look. Got a lot of bottles? No sweat! Order a different bottle depth and maximize your wine storage capacity. Rails also come with connectors, so you can connect them to each other. In this way, you can create a unique wine display of any size or shape. Rails of any particular size or depth are compatible with one another.

How many bottles do wall rails hold?

Our three-foot straight rails hold nine bottles. One-foot rails hold three bottles, two-foot rails hold six bottles, and four-foot rails hold twelve bottles.

What other wall rails do we offer?

We offer cork-out rails in lengths of one foot, two feet, three feet, and four feet. For this design we offer two finishes: Chrome and Satin Black.

We also offer label-out rails in lengths of one foottwo feetthree feet, and four feet. For this design we offer three finishes: Satin Black, Chrome, and Wrinkle Black.


  • Holds bottles in a cork-out configuration, maximizing limited wall space
  • Easy installation
  • Durable stainless steel rails
  • Hardware included (tools not included)


Ultra Straight Rails offer a classic wine bottle storage position combined with a sleek, modern look.

Color: Wrinkle Black, Matte Black, or Chrome

Bottle Capacity: 3-foot rail holds nine (9) bottles

Part Number:

  • UWR-PEG-3FT-WBK - Ultra PEG Series - 3 ft (Wrinkle Black)
  • UWR-PEG-3FT-MBK - Ultra PEG Series - 3 ft (Matte Black)
  • UWR-PEG-3FT-CHR - Ultra PEG Series - 3 ft (Chrome)

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