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The VCANTER ® 12 Liter can hold large-format bottles from 1.5 up to 12 liters due to its adjustable platform. Plus some 15 liter bottles of champagne. The stability of the table plate is perfectly calculated as is the finely adjustable arm; all of which ensures that the content of the bottles can be poured easily.

You can choose between the black color combined with a matte chrome plating or a glossy chrome plating of the elements.

*Note: If the item is on stock the delivery time will take 1 to 2 weeks.

**Does not include the bottle.


    Product Dimensions with wooden box
    • Height 51 in
    • Width 40 in
    • Length 65.5 in
    • Weight 67.46 lbs.
    Product Dimensions without wooden box
    • Height 20.1 in
    • Width 15 in
    • Length 25.6 in
    • Capacity Can hold large-format bottles from 1.5 up to 12 liters. Plus some 15 liter bottles of champagne
    • Weight 40.46 lbs.


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