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N'FINITY PRO Double L Wine Cellar (Full Glass Door), a hybrid of the most sought-after wine cellar features in one complete unit. All the convenience of higher-end wine cellars at half the price.

Our new line of N'FINITY Wine Cellars has the most sought-after wine cellar features in one complete unit. The L model holds up to 166 standard-size Bordeaux bottles. Ideal for collections of varying bottle sizes. Its front venting allows for free-standing or built-in. And the innovative new shelf design maximizes your capacity while storing bottles of all shapes and sizes

*NOTE: When we reference bottle capacity for our wine cellars, we are referring to the maximum quantity of "standard" Bordeaux-size bottles that will fit into that cellar. In reality, as you can see from the chart above, there is no true standard size bottle these days as bottles come in varying styles, sizes and shapes. Some are extremely tall and thin (like a Riesling bottle), others are shorter yet wide at the shoulders (like the Pinot Noir or Turley bottle) and others are tall, wide and broad at the shoulders (like your large California red bottle). If you have any of these non "standard" Bordeaux size bottles in your collection, your capacity can be lower than what we state the unit can hold.

Here is our rule of thumb: If up to half of your collection consists of non-standard Bordeaux- size bottles, your maximum capacity may be reduced by 20- 25%. If your collection consists mostly of these larger sized bottles, your maximum capacity may be reduced by as much as 40%. The one thing we do know is that all collections are different, and that's the great thing about collecting wine! If you have any questions regarding your collection and its effect on your capacity, call one of our Wine Storage Specialists at (800) 876-8789 for a full consultation.


    • Electrical Requirements Plugs Directly into US 110 Volt outlet on a Dedicated 15 AMP line.
    • Rated Voltage 115V
    • Frequency 60HZ
    • Light Power Max 2 Watts
    • Refrigerant R600A, 1.8 oz
    • Decibel Rating 40 dB(A) (an average quiet room is 40 decibels)
    • Rated Power Input 268 Watts
    Product Specifications
    • Height 69 3/4 in
    • Width 23 3/4 in
    • Depth 29 1/4 in
    • Capacity 166 Bottles
    • AMPS Running 2.30 Amps
    • Installation Free Standing / Built In
    • Temp Delta Lower Zone - 54℉ to 66℉
    • Weight 269 lbs.


    N'FINITY PRO's advanced technology:

    Cool blue LED interior lights

    Showcasing your collection, we've fitted each N'FINITY PRO with a series of cool blue LED lights to illuminate your wine with style. Which uses less energy and creates very low heat than standard lighting.

    Perfect for Storage & Service. With Maximum Storage

    Set temperatures for both red and white wine.

    New innovative shelving design comfortably accommodates every size bottle in your collection. Smart spacing between shelves ensures easy access and proper protection for your bottles and labels.

    Dual Zone digital temperature control

    Intuitive digital controls to easily set desired temperature.


    Continuous Fresh Air, to Eliminate Odors

    Charcoal filter (included) maintains proper humidity and ensures that fresh air circulates throughout the cabinet.


    NOTE: In order for a dual zone unit to function at optimum level, the upper compartment requires to be set at least 4- Degrees (F) lower than the lower compartment.


    Standard 3 Year Warranty

    Please speak to one of our representatives, (800) 876-8789, before calling Wine Enthusiast.

    The entire sealed cooling system is covered for 3 full years, parts and labor! With a guarantee like that you can rest assured that your prized collection will remain safe and properly protected for years to come.


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