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The CellarPro Split System Outdoor Hood allows the condensing unit for CellarPro refrigeration systems to be installed outdoors. It fits all CellarPro split condensing units and includes a cover to protect the unit against inclement weather, as well as a custom base platform that elevates the condensing unit off the ground.

Please note the recommended operating temperature range for each condensing unit. Our compressor heater is required when the condensing unit will be exposed to temperatures below 40℉.


    Shipping Dimensions
    • Height 25 in
    • Width 19 in
    • Length 31 in
    Product Specifications
    • Height 18.8 in
    • Width 19.4 in
    • Depth 23.3 in
    • Weight 30 lbs.


    • Heavy gauge metal hood
    • Sized to fit CellarPro Mini Split 3000S
    • Allows condensing units to be placed outdoors
    • Refer to recommended temperature operating range

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