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Le Cache Shipping Policy

Shipping & Delivery Instructions

Le Cache generally ships wine cabinets within 4-7 business days from the time your order is placed. We use a specialized carrier that provides curb to curb delivery and inside delivery (as an additional option).

Wine cabinets are transported from the factory to a local delivery agent via a line-haul carrier. Upon arrival of the wine cabinet, the local delivery agent will call you - at least 24 hours in advance - to schedule a delivery appointment within a 4-hour window between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you require a more specific time or Saturday delivery (not available everywhere), additional charges may apply. There are no deliveries on Sunday or holidays. If you experience problems setting up your delivery appointment and/or the local delivery agent is not being responsive, please call the freight company's customer service department for immediate assistance at 888-617-5540.

With door-to-door standard delivery, delivery persons leave your item at the first enclosure (front door, porch or garage) within 100 feet from the delivery truck, with all packing materials on unit. Optional inside delivery includes a 1st floor delivery or any floor accessible to an elevator (within 100 feet of truck), unpacking, debris removal, attaching the crown and base molding (shipped in a separate box - Euro Series cabinets only) and leveling with a total site time not to exceed half an hour. Additional delivery fees may be required (for standard and white glove deliveries) if you are located outside a regular delivery service area, if additional men are required to safely perform delivery services to your location, or if extra site time is required to provide these services. Extraordinary delivery conditions such as stairs, distance to truck greater than 100 feet, or difficult access may also require additional delivery fees.


Each wine cabinet is carefully packaged to protect against freight damage. The wine cabinet is shrink-wrapped with corner guards, boxed and strapped to a pallet.

We recommend that you have your own level available at the time the cabinet is delivered, in case the carrier forgets to bring their level.

Door Handles

Please note that the carrier is NOT required to install the door handles on your cabinet. The handles are shipped in an envelope inside the wine cabinet or screwed to the backside of the doors, and are easily installed with a screwdriver into predrilled holes on each door.

Moving Your Cabinet

Tipping the wine cabinet forward, backwards or on its side in order to get the cabinet through a doorway should not cause a problem. Try to refrain, however, from pushing or pulling or lifting the cabinet by its doors, because you want to avoid bending the hinges or damaging the frame and the doors where the hinges are attached.

If you must remove the doors in order to get the cabinet through a doorway, do the following:

Door Removal

  • Close the door(s), but do not lock.
  • Stand on a stool or ladder, and remove the top hinge plate by removing the three Phillips head screws attached to the wine cabinet. Save these screws!
  • Lift the hinge plate of the cabinet (DON'T LET GO OF THE DOOR!).
  • Grip the edges of the door and lift straight up the face of the cabinet until free of the lower load-bearing hinge.
  • IMPORTANT! Look for and save any shim washers on the lower hinge brass bushing (used to equalize door heights).

Door Installation

  • Check that the brass bushing on the lower hinge plate is still intact.
  • Replace shim washers (if any) onto the brass bushing.
  • Hold the door by edges, square to a cabinet, and let the magnetic gasket attract to the metal face strips.
  • Gently slide the door down the face of the cabinet until the bottom pin on the door engages the bushing.
  • Make certain that the bottom hinge pin seats completely into the brass bushing, and that the top horizontal run of the gasket has not snagged on the cabinet roof.
  • Re-mount the top hinge plate using the existing screw holes and screws.

Inspection Instructions

Thorough and complete inspection and documentation are critical parts of the delivery process. In the event of damage to the wine cabinet, it is critical that you follow the instructions on this page closely.

  1. The carrier should not remove the packaging from the wine cabinet until AFTER you've inspected the packaging. If the packaging has been removed before you arrive, it must be noted when you sign the bill of lading provided by the carrier.
  2. Inspect the stock watch indicator before the packaging is removed. Located on the front, left an edge of the box, the SHOCK WATCH INDICATOR has a unique serial number that must be matched to the bill of lading provided by the carrier. If there is no shock watch indicator, or if the serial number does not match, or if the indicator is red, it must be noted when you sign the bill of lading provided by the carrier.
  3. Inspect the packaging of the wine cabinet, looking for tears, marks or other damage which may indicate possible damage to the wine cabinet within. If you find damage to the packaging, it must be noted on the bill of lading provided by the carrier.
  4. Once the packaging has been removed, inspect the wine cabinet for damage.
  5. If you find damage to the wine cabinet, follow these instructions closely:

    • Describe the damage on the bill of lading. Be as detailed and descriptive as possible.
    • If the delivery men ask you to sign that there was "HIDDEN" or "CONCEALED" damage, DO NOT SIGN THE PAPERWORK. Call Le Cache for further instructions BEFORE the delivery men leave.

  1. Save a copy of the bill of lading and make sure your notes are complete and legible.



Promotional discounts on shipping apply to shipping costs only and are not transferable to the cost of merchandise. In the event that shipping charges exceed the quoted or allowance amount, the balance will be charged to your credit card on file if not collected by the shipping company at the time of delivery.

Sign & Return

Please sign return this page to Vintage Cellars as conformation of your shipping instructions and responsibilities. Your order will not be processed until we receive your confirmation. Fax 800-876-1698. If responding by email, please reply and state that you have read and understand your shipping instructions and obligations. From the Vintage Cellars Family, Thank you for your order.

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