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Wine Cellar Doors

The door to your wine cellar is perhaps the most aesthetically important part of your wine storage area. A wine cellar door needs to be functional, well constructed, and sealed to keep the humidity and temperature inside at the optimal level. The wine cellar door also signifies that what lies within is special and representative of you. Most of the time, the door is the only part of your wine cellar that guests will see, or what draws them to ask, "Can I see your wine cellar?"

Del Mar San Diego Custom Wine Cellar Backlit Modern Glass Wine Room

This gorgeous small custom closet wine cellar in San Clemente's Ladera Ranch features a wrought iron and glass door, decanting countertop, case storage, high reveal display, and more.

Wine cellar doors can be functional, beautiful works of art. There are many styles of wine cellar doors available, and the right one will enhance the decor of your space.

For a more clean and contemporary feel, there are glass doors. Glass doors can be plain, or etched and painted with custom designs. A door can have a glass window or pane, or it can be entirely glass. Glass wine cellar doors are sealed around the edges, and thick enough to keep the air conditions inside from being disturbed. Our glass wine cellar doors are available with or without etching and other customizations.

For a more traditional space, or one with a European feel, there are also wooden and ornate iron wine cellar doors. Wooden doors can be plain, wood planked, or intricately carved with grape leaves, family initials, or other custom designs. Ornate iron designs can top glass or wooden doors. Wrought iron doors are often done in intricate curlicue patterns and are the perfect accent to a Spanish-style house.

Gorgeous small custom closet wine cellar in San Clemente's Ladera Ranch

This Del Mar San Diego Custom Wine Cellar Backlit Modern Glass Wine Room features modern acrylic, metal, and wood wine racking.

One unique option for wine cellars is reclaimed wine barrel wood doors. These doors are made from wood that was previously used in wine storage barrels and tanks, lending unique colors and textures to the finished product. These wine barrel doors retain the aroma of wine and are a striking choice for an entryway.

Wine cellar doors can be given different finishes, including finishes that give them an "aged" or "distressed" appearance. Their frames, hinges, and trims can be customized. Door handles can be chosen to match existing hardware or to give the wine cellar a different feel.

In short, the customization options for wine cellar doors are almost endless. The right wine cellar door is complementary to its space, and also marks the wine collection as special, unique, and representative of you.

Written by

Gene Walder

Former President and co-owner of Vintage Cellars and Vintage Wine Cellars, Gene started Vintage Cellars in 1990 and stepped down in 2020. Under new ownership, Vintage Cellars continues thriving 31 years later with over 2,500 gorgeous custom wine cellars designed and built. Gene is an expert in all aspects of building and designing custom wine cellars and wine storage.