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Small Custom Closet Wine Cellar with Wrought Iron and Glass Door, Decanting Countertop, Case Storage, and High Reveal Display

This homeowner had extensive collections of both high-end wines and bourbon. Wine and bourbon require completely different storage solutions, so naturally, two unique and completely separate rooms were created to showcase them both. The homeowners were fantastic in meeting with our team to collaborate on a bourbon room and wine cellar design that worked within their special spaces and budget.

custom wine cellar

San Clemente Ladera Ranch Orange County Custom Wine Cellar and Bourbon Room

The House itself has a rustic, yet refined and modern farmhouse feel throughout. The modern, elegant, yet vintage style look of the small wine cellar, especially, fit seamlessly with the interior design.

The Bourbon cellar is not cooled, but resides in a shaded interior section within the house as to maintain a constant temperature. Additionally, with close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, sunny Ladera Ranch, a community in Orange County, California never really sees average temperatures above 80 Degrees.

custom wine cellar

The Bourbon Room showcases a custom wrought iron door, and upon entering features a modular style show cabinet with multiple levels. Custom wine cellar doors, and custom wrought iron doors truly add that special feeling and look to your walk in wine room. A door used for a wine room would be fitted with dual pane glass as to better maintain temperature and humidity within. A room such as this could also double as craft beer storage. Beer storage, requires bottles to stand straight up as to not rust the cap, as well as compress any remaining yeast residues at the bottom of the bottle instead of mixed throughout. Craft beer as a whole has become an incredibly burgeoning industry, especially in places like San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Francisco in California, and Portland in Oregon.

custom wine cellar
custom wine cellar

Cellar Features

  • Two Unique Separate Rooms
  • Custom Bourbon Room
  • Large Individual Bottle Storage Room

The small wine cellar / wine closet / wine room is located right off the kitchen, allowing easy access for social gatherings or just to bring out that special wine with dinner. This small walk in wine cellar incorporates a custom wrought iron door as well, fitted with glass as discussed prior.

The wine room has one solid wall of individual bottle storage, leading into the showcase wall with room for case storage and more individual bottle storage above the countertop and decanting area. The homeowner also shows a rogar wine bottle opener - a rustic, yet timeless contemporary style that's here to stay in wine rooms, wine closets, and large custom wine cellars throughout the US.

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