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Wine Cellar Decorating Ideas

Imagine that you've decided to finally give your passion for wine the attention it deserves. You start to build the extensive collection you'll serve at special dinners with family and friends, or that you'll age for years to sell for a profit. You pick out the perfect space in your house to build the custom wine cellar of your dreams.

Now what? How do you make your wine cellar more than a room full of dusty bottles on shelves? Which wine cellar decorating ideas do you need to make it fit your house, fit your lifestyle, and represent you?

Del Mar Traditional Custom Wine Cellar for Chef Jeffrey Strauss of Pamplemousse Grille

This Del Mar traditional custom wine cellar was built for Chef Jeffrey Strauss of Pamplemousses Grille and features high reveal display, horizontal display, arches coved trays, wine case storage, curved countertops, overhead racking, and more.

Many wine connoisseurs face the problem of how to personalize their wine cellars. Luckily, there is a variety of wine cellar decorating ideas available to homeowners. One of the most popular wine cellar decorating ideas is to focus on the walls. They can be decorated with murals, mosaics, etched mirrors, painted tile, custom trim, or stained glass. Another popular focus of wine cellar decorating is the surfaces: tabletops for tasting can cork, tile, hand-cut mosaic, stone, or custom wood. Cabinet hardware and lighting can be specially chosen so that it fits in with the overarching wine cellar decorating ideas. Ceilings can be paneled and decorated with etched light boxes.

In addition to modifying parts of your wine cellar described above, another wine cellar decorating idea is to add elements. Wine cellars can be equipped with furniture; a tasting corner with a table and chairs can be a wonderful way to utilize your wine cellar space for more than just storage. Wine furniture can be made of wood from old wine barrels, giving your furniture a unique look. A tasting table can even be a vintage wine barrel, making your wine furniture a true conversation starter.

For more decorating ideas for your custom wine cellar, explore some of our other past custom wine cellar projects:


Whatever style you're going for, whether it's modern, traditional, European, or Spanish, custom decor for your wine cellar can help you achieve your unique look. Whether it's a light box in the ceiling engraved with your initials, or an 18th century wine barrel that functions as a tasting table, choosing the details of your wine cellar is an exciting way to make it the showpiece of your home. Wine cellars are about so much more than shelves-your wine cellar decorating should reflect the beauty and uniqueness of your wine collection.

Written by

Gene Walder

Former President and co-owner of Vintage Cellars and Vintage Wine Cellars, Gene started Vintage Cellars in 1990 and stepped down in 2020. Under new ownership, Vintage Cellars continues thriving 31 years later with over 2,500 gorgeous custom wine cellars designed and built. Gene is an expert in all aspects of building and designing custom wine cellars and wine storage.