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Ultra - Diamond Fusion Wine Rack Panel—Small (4 Bottles)

Ultra - Diamond Fusion Wine Rack Panel—Small (4 Bottles)

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Ultra - Diamond Fusion Wine Rack Panel—Small (4 Bottles)

Diamond Fusion panels are wall-mounted wine racks that hold from four to sixteen of your favorite bottles. They are simple to install and make it simple to turn any wall of your home into a customized wine display. Our Diamond Fusion wine rack panel will allow you to create intricate wine wall displays in your home or business. The possibilities are endless.


Why choose the Diamond Fusion wine rack panel?

Diamonds are a wine lover’s best friend. This wine rack panel has all the benefits of its predecessor, the Fusion panel—ease of installation, simplicity, and a clean, minimalist design—in a nifty diamond-shaped package. Like the Fusion panels, Diamond Fusion panels are an iterative design—the edges fit flush with each other, and you can combine smaller-sized panels into larger diamonds and create enormous, complex wine-walls. The only limit is your imagination. Diamond Fusion panels store bottles in a convenient, space-saving, cork-out configuration for easy retrieval.

With Diamond Fusion panel’s diverse array of options, you can let your creative side shine like never before. Mix and match faceplates of different colors to give your wall wine display a colorful flair. Vary the sizes and racking styles of your Diamond Fusion panels to create depth and texture in your display. All of our same-size Diamond Fusion panels fit flush with each other and maintain consistent bottle spacing no matter how they’re arranged. 


It’s easy to change the look of your display.

The Diamond Fusion wine rack panel is available with six different faceplates: Black Acrylic, White Acrylic, Natural, Medium-Stained, Dark-Stained, and Alumasteel.

If you get tired of the original faceplate colors that you chose for your Diamond Fusion panel arrangement, don’t despair! It is easy to swap out your original faceplates. Simply select new faceplates. You don’t even have to uninstall the panels to change out faceplates. Simply remove the pegs, remove the old faceplate, install the new faceplate, and replace the pegs. Ker-BOOM! Your Diamond Fusion display has a totally new look, just like that.


How many bottles does the Diamond Fusion panel hold?

Diamond Fusion wine rack panels come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. A small panel holds up to four bottles. A medium panel holds up to nine bottles. The large panel holds 16 bottles. You can always buy more panels for additional storage. If you’ve already got a large wine rack display in mind, browse our Diamond Fusion Panel Bundles and get 10% off!


Ultra Diamond Fusion panels are the latest stylish entry in panel-mounted wine racking.

Your wine collection isn’t something that should be squirreled away in a cellar or hidden away in dark cupboards—not completely, anyway. Diamond Fusion panels let you pick your favorite bottles and create a unique piece of wall art with them. Stylish home décor and tasty wine within easy reach—Diamond Fusion lets you do it all.


  • Available in three sizes: small (4 bottles), medium (9 bottles), and large (16 bottles)
  • Panels of similar size fit flush with each other while preserving bottle spacing
  • Six different faceplate varieties available—Alumasteel, White Acrylic, Black Acrylic, Natural, Medium-stained, and Dark-stained 
  • Faceplates are simple to remove and interchangeable—you to swap them out at any time and easily create a new look for your panels
  • Easy to install

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