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wine and turkey

  1. Marsala Wine Sauce and Turkey Cutlets

    Marsala Wine Sauce and Turkey Cutlets

    A few years ago, I was offered plain turkey cutlets at a dinner.  (The bland poultry was less-than impressive!) After giving them a second try, however, this time dressing them up with this delicious sauce, I discovered that they can easily make a satisfying entree. Here’s what you’ll need: 4 Turkey Cutlets 1/3 Cup Marsala Wine 3-4 Tbsp. Flour 2...
  2. Red and White Wine Turkey Sauce

    Red and White Wine Turkey Sauce

    He prefers red wine, she prefers white, and their daughter likes some of both.  Now, they are coming over for Thanksgiving dinner.  You wanted to make a delicious wine sauce to accompany your turkey, but now you just don’t know which to make: red or white?  Never fear!  With this easy recipe, red lovers, white lovers, and those who enjoy...

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