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  1. Wines for Easter

    Wines for Easter

    The Easter Bunny is hopping our way, bringing with him (or is it her?) eggs, chocolates, and of course, a big Easter feast. Whether you view Easter as a meaningful religious event, the day that frees you from your Lenten sacrifice, or simply as a time to get together with family and friends and celebrate springtime, Easter always involves a...
  2. The Spiel on Kosher Wine

    The Spiel on Kosher Wine

    Kosher wine's got a bad rap.  But is it deserved? A decade ago, there weren't very many wine options available to observant Jews.  There was really only one choice: Manischevitz, a syrupy, sickly-sweet wine made from Concord grapes.  Concord grapes are typically only used to make three things: grape jelly, grape juice, and--you guessed it--kosher wine.  Needless to say, this...
  3. Pass Over the Manischewitz

    Pass Over the Manischewitz

    During this year’s Passover, some of you will probably have a glass of Manischewitz, a peculiarly sweet kosher wine often associated with Passover.  There are, however, kosher alternatives to Manischewitz many people are unaware of (Unless you've read our previous post on kosher wine!).  The idea that all kosher wines are eminently sweet is simply untrue.  When kosher wines (like...

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