Welcome to the Vintage Cellars Blog Reboot V.2020!

We started the Vintage Cellars blog about wine storage and custom wine cellars way back in 2009. Originally, we were inspired by the members of the wine blogging community – those folks who enthusiastically blog about every subject from new and exciting wines being grown, to wine events happening around the country and the globe, to new laws affecting wine and its enjoyment – to throw our hat into the blogosphere as well. Many things have changed since then and we are adding in new posts and updating old.

After all, at Vintage Cellars, we have been designing and constructing custom wine cellars for private and commercial customers for 30 years. During that time, we have built up a wealth of experience about ideal conditions for wine cellars and wine storage and the practical side of making our customers’ spaces as close as possible to those ideals.

We have redesigned our e-commerce website and still have the same desire to share our love and enthusiasm for all things wine-related, so you can expect to see posts here on more than the latest trends in wine cellars and the most important guidelines for wine storage. The blog has been updated to be included in our main website that features custom wine cellars projects on which we are working. We will continue to write about general industry trends, wine in the news here in California and around the world, our favorite bottles of the moment, and tips to get the most out of every sip of wine.

We’ll continue to have guest blog posts from many of those who make our efforts to build the best custom wine cellars so successful, and we look forward to answering comments and questions from our readers. Enjoy!