<div class="wp-caption alignright" style="width: 215px"><p class="wp-caption-text">The WineKeeper 3-Bottle Executive</p></div>

Ever have a really good glass of wine you’d like to savor forever?  If not forever, how about one you’d want to keep around to sip on over the next few weeks?

We’ve all had those magic bottles of wine we wanted to keep around for little tastes, but couldn’t preserve adequately for more than a few days.  With the WineKeeper 3-Bottle Executive, however, the game changes!  Designed to elegantly display three wine bottles, the WineKeeper 3-Bottle Executive keeps your wine chilled, ready to dispense, and well-preserved for weeks!  Now, you can keep that “magic” bottle around to savor!  Available in a modern black or traditional oak finish, the WineKeeper 3-Bottle Executive can easily match your kitchen or wine room decor.  Lightweight (12 lbs.) and easy to move, the WineKeeper 3-Bottle Executive uses easy-to-replace Argon or Nitrogen canisters.  It makes a perfect, portable wine dispenser at parties, as well as at home.  Don’t let that good bottle of wine go to waste!  Keep it fresh and chilled with the WineKeeper 3-Bottle Executive.