The ability to consult your own palm-sized wine journal, at any time, is now available for a flat $2.99.  That’s right!  Brought to you by Ageasoft, LLC, iWine is an iPhone app that makes a wealth of wine knowledge accessible at your fingertips.  Packed with extensive wine info, wine experts will be delighted by this handy wine encyclopedia-cum-oenophile.  And if you’re just embarking on your wine tasting journey, there’s a library of wine varietals, varietal types, and regions built right in.  Like having a personal sommelier with a photographic memory, the iWine app allows you to keep track of your wine collection by supplying images of your wines as well; now, you can recall not only the names of your favorite wines, but also the appearance of their bottles--pretty cool if you have an extensive collection of wine to navigate through!  And unlike other apps where wine ratings are automatically given, iWine allows you to personally rate the wine you taste using either a 5 diamond or 100 point rating system.  Nifty!  Compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, this app is definitely going to make an nice addition to my iPhone!

iWine app for Your Wine

iWine is available on iTunes AppStore. We've already featured lots of wine apps for iPhone and Android--but if you know of a good one we haven't featured, let us know in the comments!