With the holiday season comes dinner party invitations.  And with dinner party invitations come gifts for the host.  There's no more traditional dinner party offering than a bottle of wine--and why not?  Wine is a crowd-pleaser: with it, you really don't have to worry that your hosts are smiling on the outside, but thinking on the inside, "Now what are we going to do with this?" But if you're going to go to the trouble of picking out and purchasing a bottle of wine for your hosts, you don't just want to plunk it down, unadorned, in the center of the table.  Gift wrapping a bottle of wine adds an appropriately festive touch.  But how to do it?  Wine isn't box-shaped, after all (Well, some is.  But you really shouldn't be giving that kind as a gift). The simplest method for gift wrapping wine is this: set the bottle in the middle of a large square of tissue paper or colored cellophane.  Gather the edges up at the top of the bottle, and tie with a pretty ribbon (you can also hang a nice tag from the ribbon identifying yourself as the awesome gift-giver).  This method is pretty, and totally simple (sorry men, you can't get out of wrapping this present). You can also wrap a bottle this way in brown paper or even newspaper.  It looks artsy-chic, and it's eco-friendly.  Just make sure to use a nice ribbon so it won't look like you dug your wrapping paper out of the recycling bin (even if you did).  For another cool way to wrap wine in newspaper, check out the video below: Another method is to just wrap the label.  This makes for an elegant presentation.  It also allows you guests to easily identify the gift, while still being surprised by the kind of wine in the bottle.  To do this, use ribbon edged with wire, wrap several times around the label, and secure the end with a small-stick on bow in the complementary color. Do you have any great bottle-wrapping techniques?  We'd love to hear your ideas!