If you have a growing wine collection, there's one thing you can't do without: a system for keeping track of your bottles.  Ok, you need a proper storage space and a climate-controlled environment too, but once you have those things, organization really is essential.  If you don't know what's in your cellar, your collection can quickly turn into chaos.

Keeping track of the bottles you buy and drink is the only way you can ensure that your collection grows the way you want it to.  But if you're like me, your average organizational techniques consist of scribbled post-it notes and lists that you are continually losing.  Your wine collection deserves better.

Disorganized wine enthusiasts, meet eSommelier, "The World's Finest Wine Cellar Management System".  It uses a touch screen system to track the bottles you have in your cellar, giving you an easy, elegant way to keep in touch with your wine.

Here are a few of its coolest features:

  • It shows you the price you paid for the wine and compares that to its current value.
  • It uses a simple color-coded system to show you how close any given wine is to optimal drinking age.
  • It includes a bar code printed that makes a unique label for each wine you bring into the cellar, giving each bottle a unique address and identity that lets you know where it is at any time.
  • You can access your eSommelier database from your kitchen or even from the wine store, letting you know at the touch of a button which bottles you already have, and which will be the perfect additions to your collection.

It's definitely pricey, but there's no comparing this system to a pen-and-paper log or excel spreadsheet. eSommelier is truly the ultimate wine management system.