This week, we've been highlighting must-have smartphone apps for wine lovers.  We've talked about apps for the iPhone and Blackberry, so this time, let's turn our attention to a few great wine-friendly apps for the Android. Wine by the Bar: This app's motto is "Sip, Scan, Share," and it allows you to do just that with your favorite wines.  Android's scanning feature is especially helpful when it comes to wine, allowing you to look up a bottle, no matter your location, with the click of a button.  You can add and review wines, and through Twitter, share them with your fellow wine lovers.  Check it out here. Pair It!: This great app for iPhone is now available for Android!  As we’ve discussed many times on this blog, creating the perfect food and wine pairing is no easy task.  You can enter either the food you’re making or the wine you plan to drink into the app, and it will give you some ideas for perfect combinations.  Or, you can “swirl” your Android to see a random pairing.  Pair It! really takes care to consider all of a wine’s subtle details when making its suggestions, so we trust its opinion.  Get it at here. Swirl:  This is the mobile counterpart to the website, a place to read about, review, and buy great wines.  It contains a catalog of over 100,000 wines, allows you to search by varietal, price, and other factors, and directs you to local stores that sell the wine you want.  Learn more here.