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Custom Modern Wine Cellars

Our modern wine cellars feature clean sleek designs utilizing glass, metal, acrylic and other materials.

Modern Metal Wine Racking Designed for a Home Wine Cellar

This kitchen wine storage solution is a great example of how we design and build modern custom wine cellars in San Diego and all of southern California. With custom metal wine racking designed by a master builder, LED lighting, and glass doors, this kitchen wine closet is a showpiece! Learn more about the construction and design features of this minimalist yet eye-catching wine display.

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King's Road Newport Beach 2nd Floor Custom Wine Cellar

Spaces with a walk-in wine cellar design and countertop area such as this 2nd-floor custom wine cellar offer a special place to socialize with friends and family around some fantastic bottles of wine.

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San Diego 4S Ranch Modern Custom Wine Cellar with Handcrafted Wrought-Iron Door

Comprised of many unique design features, this custom wine cellar in San Diego 4S Ranch includes an arch display and tabletop, wall-mounted custom wine racks by VintageView, as well as a gorgeous custom handcrafted wrought iron wine cellar door.

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Residential Wine Cellar Design in Pacific Palisades Los Angeles

This small wine cellar displays the client's collection in a modern way using high-quality metal wine racks from VintageView to create an illusion of the bottles floating in the air. We used glass doors so the beautiful wine display can be viewed on three sides from outside the wine room.

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Glass Contemporary & Modern Custom Wine Enclosure Scottsdale, Arizona

A stylish custom wine wall/enclosure with an industrial-chic design, this climate-controlled wine enclosure has brushed nickel VintageView racking mounted floor to ceiling creating a beautiful floating display of the client's bottles.

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Rustic Modern Wine Room Custom Wine Cellar Design Newport Beach, Orange County

Vintage Cellars recently transformed an underused closet in the Crystal Cove, Newport Beach Residential Development Development in Orange County, California into a functional wine room or wine closet. We combined different wine rack styles to create a stunning wine storage space for the client's wine collection and created a wine racking design that can hold up to 812 bottles.

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Rancho Santa Fe San Diego Eco-Friendly Mountain Style Custom Wine Cellar

A beautifully designed example of a mountain-style wine cellar located in the Rancho Santa Fe area of San Diego, California. Featuring recycled fermentation tank material with a cooperage wine barrel flooring. makes this wine room an eco-friendly wine storage solution; one rich with wine history. A custom wine cellar design such as this takes the unique shapes and features within a room and utilizes them to create a truly special wine storage room.

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Distressed & Weathered Redwood Wine Room Del Mar San Diego

A small rustic wine cellar is the perfect addition to any home! This custom design turned a low-key closet into a work of art. The distressed and weathered redwood gives this wine room a modern and elegant, yet rustic feel.

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San Juan Capistrano Orange County Wine Cellar Wrought Iron Redwood Wine Barrel

This fantastically designed wine cellar, built by the master wine cellar builders at Vintage Cellars, is a unique representation of fun and bespoke features that can be incorporated into a traditional redwood, yet modern and bright wine cellar.

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Combo Wine & Beer Custom Cellar / San Diego

With the rising craft beer market in San Diego, combo wine and beer cellars are becoming more popular. This stylish and personalized combo wine and beer cellar has a mid-century flair with a cellar designed to use the space beautifully and effectively for both beer and wine.

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Small Closet Custom Wine Cellar Design

This small closet custom wine cellar was built in less than 4' x 4' space from the highly sought-after All-Heart Redwood, imbuing the wine enclave with an air of elegance and luxury.

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Beverly Hills / Los Angeles Celebrity Rustic Modern Custom Wine Cellar

This beautifully rustic and modern custom wine cellar in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California is inside one of your favorite A-List Celebrity's homes. Within this unique space, there is room for wine case storage, as well as a horizontal display on top of the high reveal display.

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Ocean Way - Laguna Beach Custom Wine Cellar

Composed of brushed nickel metal custom wine racks by Vintage View, this custom wine cellar in Laguna Beach can accommodate up to 650 wine bottles. Dual-pane and wood glass doors maintain a tight seal on the wine enclave.

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Louisiana Custom Wine Cellar with Dining Area

This custom wine cellar serves as the perfect place to store wines and sample them. Not only that, a full-fledged dining area makes it possible to eat meals in the climate-controlled serenity of the wine storage space, with the wines in easy reach.

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Malibu Los Angeles California VintageView Racking Modern Wine Room

VintageView Racking is used to display horizontal bottles label forward, all the meanwhile keeping the room feeling modern with a sleek contemporary design. The Racking has many features throughout, including full reveal wine bottle display, horizontal wine bottle display, wine case storage, plus table and counter space to store the client's decanter collection.

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Ramona Dream Home

These Ramona, California homeowners recently converted an unused storage area into this beautifully designed custom wine cellar. Complete with its own cooling system, this project shows what can be done with a small unused space to create an impressive home feature.

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Hollywood Hills Industrial Modern and Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar with Wine Room

Modern and Contemporary Wine Cellars such as this one in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California are becoming very popular design features. Custom wine cellars and adjacent tasting rooms remain a very good choice for serious wine collectors. There are so many different types of racking styles in today's market, you can literally store and display your wine in whatever fashion suits your style best.

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Newport Beach - Ultra Modern Wine Cellar with Metal and Acrylic Racking

Vintage Cellars had the great privilege of designing and installing three separate custom wine room options within each of the model homes offered in this Newport Beach, Orange County Luxury Home Development. This contemporary custom wine cellar is a real show stopper. This very unique design, being utilized more and more in high-end contemporary homes, make the bottles seem to completely float in mid-air. Located directly off the kitchen and breakfast nook, this glass front, modern masterpiece is sure to be at the center of your lifestyle.

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Glass Enclosed Display Wine Cellar with Modern Metal and Acrylic Wine Racking

Modern and Contemporary custom wine cellar styles are taking the world by storm. It has become hugely popular to incorporate sleek wine cellars with glass and acrylic, metal, and stone in a way that matches and elevates the luxury homes themselves. This may seem like a large feat, but for Vintage Cellars of San Diego, California, it’s just another day of doing what we love.

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La Jolla Modern Mahogany Wine Cellar with Diamond Bins, Wine Drawers, Full Reveal Horizontal Display, Marble Counter Top, and a Rolling Ladder

The main reason many homeowners invest their time and money in building a wine cellar is to keep their wine collection safe. Wine will provide you with long-lasting enjoyment if it is kept in a climate-controlled environment. It is also important that your wine room is designed with gorgeous styles of racking that provide convenience and ease of access to your prized wines. At Vintage Cellars, we always make sure that our client’s wine cellar can store their prized collection safely and beautifully.

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Del Mar San Diego Custom Wine Cellar Backlit Modern Glass Wine Room

Vintage Cellars / Vintage Wine Cellars just completed this beautiful custom wine cellar duo in a home in Del Mar, San Diego, California. These wine cellars are both very unique, with the upstairs wine room serving as more of an eye-catching showpiece and the downstairs more for long-term storage and social gatherings. Complete with custom stainless steel doors and windows, the interiors of both wine rooms can be viewed from anywhere in their vicinity.

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San Juan Capistrano Glass Contemporary and Modern Custom Wine Cellar Wine Wall Wine Room

This beautiful custom wine cellar/wine wall/wine room in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California is truly a jaw-dropper. Vintage Cellars, wine cellar builders out of san Diego, California, were able to design and build this masterpiece as a major center point of this dining room and kitchen.

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Beverly Hills Ultra Modern Wine Cellar with Metal Pegs, Backlighting, and Stone

This small but mighty wine cellar makes its home in a gorgeous contemporary home in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California. Located directly off the kitchen and living room, this small wine storage space steals the show with its dramatic backlit panel and wine display against a stone wall.

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Cardiff Beach House Ultra Modern Wine Cellar with Metal Full Horizontal Display Racking

This gorgeous home in Cardiff By The Sea, in San Diego, California is the epitome of sleek, modern, and clean. In a stunning minimalist fashion, the homeowners had a great vision to incorporate a contemporary wine cellar adjacent to their bar that matched the home’s feel. Utilizing good amounts of glass, metal, and clean lines throughout, this home, and wine cellar of course, are fantastic in their design.

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