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La Jolla Glass Front Modern Wine Cellar with Metal Horizontal Display Racking

This 1000+ Bottle Glass enclosed Wine Room is a fantastic example of how easy it is to display your wines in a clean and modern design. This contemporary walk-in wine cellar in La Jolla, California offers a very straightforward and open feel to storing your most prized wines. The high reveal display row at waist height shows each wine bottle in full sight, maintaining a 45-degree angle to keep the cork moist and avoid any wines going bad over time.

custom wine cellar

custom wine cellar

Cellar Features

  • 1,000+ Bottle Capacity
  • VintageView Metal Display Racking
  • Triple Deep Wall Mounted Wine Racks
  • Small Decanting Countertop

This label forward metal racking system is from VintageView. These triple deep, wall-mounted wine racks are very versatile and offer the ability to completely customize a room, depth and height included. Here, Vintage Cellars was able to accommodate the desires of the client in keeping some space below the racking for wine case storage. Additionally, a small decanting countertop was added in the center of the room.

custom wine cellar

Glass Enclosed wine cellars with adjacent personal bars and tasting tables have become fantastic additions to high end homes. In addition to adding to the design and décor of the house itself, these spaces have doubled as incredible entertainment hotspots.

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