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Traditional Library Style Custom Wine Cellar with Waterfall Racking, Case Storage, and Quarter Round Storage

This was a very large wine cellar Vintage Cellars built back in the early 1990s in Palos Verdes. The homeowner, a longtime client and a friend, had a very large wine collection and wanted it to be stored in a library-style fashion. Vintage Cellars was able to craft a one-of-a-kind wine storage room for the client, featuring all of the design features necessary to properly store this one-of-a-kind wine collection for years to come.

custom wine cellar

In this large, traditional walk-in wine cellar, many interesting design features make this space truly unique. This entire custom wine cellar was built in all heart redwood in a traditional manner. Starting up close, Vintage Cellars incorporated multiple floor-to-ceiling quarter-round display shelves for displaying large format and collectible bottles desired for showcasing. Venture a bit further, and against the back wall is double deep, individual bottle storage from floor to ceiling. With such a large wine collection and with constant wine bottle additions coming in, this library-style traditional wood wine cellar served as a perfect fit.

In the middle of the room are two islands with cascading waterfall racking. The closer, with room for wine case storage below, is double deep holding standard 750 ml wine bottles. Each side of the waterfall island also has an all heart redwood countertop- a perfect spot to decant wines and snack on cheese, fruit, and nuts with that special bottle.

Cellar Features

  • 2,500 Bottle Capacity
  • Library Style Design
  • Cascading Waterfall Racking

Against the back wall in an almost mirroring fashion is another floor-to-ceiling ‘island’ style installation with more or the same. This waterfall, however, has been specifically crafted for larger format bottles, a magnum waterfall placing the most coveted bottles in full reveal. Below, again is more case storage and another gorgeous countertop.

Vintage Cellars was called upon again to re-address the cooling system within this traditional wood wine cellar in the San Francisco Bay Area 15 years after the initial development of the wine storage space. Wine Cellar cooling units have a lifespan, like anything else. With proper design and preparation of the space, a good life expectancy is generally anywhere from 5-10 years. After about 15 years of a perfectly functioning cooling system, and of course a perfectly prepared room, Vintage Cellars was happy to help the client again. Here’s to many more years of perfectly stored and gracefully aged wines! Cheers!

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