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Traditional Custom Closet Walk in Wine Cellar with Glass Rack, Horizontal Display, Case Storage, and Coved Trays

This project is more than meets the eye! In an elegant neighborhood in Del Mar, San Diego, California, this unique small custom wine cellar truly acts as a showstopper. Originally within this house, the door which now faces outward used to be around the corner in a small hallway, virtually eliminating any visibility into this traditional walk-in custom wine cellar. Upon seeing the location of this space within the house, Gene Walder and the knowledgeable team at Vintage Cellars knew that to really take advantage of the room provided, (which is actually below the stairs), they needed to get rid of the original door and add a brand new one facing the main living space.

custom wine cellar

Just a small feat in a series of unique custom features within this cellar!

Here at Vintage Cellars, before any design takes shape, it is vital to understand what the clients wants and needs are based on their growing collection of wine. With a good idea of bottle sizes, shapes (some pinot noir bottles, for example have a wider bottom than a typical cabernet sauvignon bottle) and unique features desired, the team of wine cellar designers and wine cellar builders at Vintage Cellars are able to create a very special and desirable wine cellar for each client.

Cellar Features

This small custom wine room fills most of the left wall with single deep, individual bottle storage. Directly below this wine racking is room for wine case / wine bin storage.

  • 860 Bottle Capacity
  • Secret Door Wine Cellar
  • Horizontal Label Display Wall

The owners of this beautiful home collaborated heavily with the Vintage Cellars team in the design process of this rustic custom wine cellar - something that we aim to do with every project. The homeowners wanted to showcase some of their favorite Magnum-sized bottles in a high reveal horizontal display row, directly on top of another area highlighting the best 750 ml's in their collection.

This small custom wine room fills most of the left wall with single deep, individual bottle storage. Directly below this wine racking is room for wine case/wine bin storage. Centered within this wall is a nice space for opening and decanting wines with a gorgeous dark stone countertop and room for hanging wine glasses above.

custom wine cellar

The opposite wall is filled floor to ceiling with labels revealing horizontal display rows. Again, this type of feature is very desirable in recent years. Homeowners want to be able to showcase the best bottles they own within their custom wine cellars in the most stunning and beautiful ways possible. Additionally, this feature is commonly replicated with metal bars for a more contemporary and modern look and feel.

Within Beach Cities such as Del Mar, La Jolla, Cardiff, Coronado, Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Newport Beach, and Orange County alike, small walk wine cellars are all the rage. Custom Wine Closets and Under the Stairs Custom Wine Rooms are quickly becoming a commonplace feature within modern luxury homes.

custom wine cellar

Funny enough, because San Diego has become such a hub and mecca for craft beer breweries, luxury homes within communities such as La Jolla, Del Mar, Encinitas, Coronado, Cardiff, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, Carlsbad, La Costa, and Torrey Pines have taken notice and began including space for unique beer storage within their custom wine cellars as well.

This right side wall horizontal display racking does just that. If you look closely, those intricately labeled bottles are craft brews kept at a chill and refreshing 55 Degrees- just waiting to be opened and enjoyed immediately.

Great job on our cellar. Chris and Dean were great. Built a 1000 bottle cellar. The quality of the build was second to none. 110% recommendation. Thanks.

Thomas T.

Just when you thought the custom wine cellar tour was over, another unique feature catches your eye. You see the back stone wall? Press ever so gently in the top left corner two thirds of the way up and - Voila! - A secret door appears and slowly reveals more room under the stairway for case storage and the like.

The homeowner also decided to add interesting lighting to this cellar. The Custom wine room can turn any color of the rainbow - allowing you to focus on all lights or just one a time, creating that perfect mood lighting for the holidays, springtime, or summer. This entire custom wine cellar and all wine racking were done in raw black walnut.

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