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Chino Hills East Los Angeles Eco-Friendly Custom Under Stairs Wine Cellar

Vintage Cellars installed Vintique custom wine racking in this Mediterranean-style wine enclave; a sustainable racking type made from reclaimed wine barrels and fermentation tanks. Vintique wine racks can imbue any wine storage space with a unique flair and enhanced beauty.

A custom wine cellar design such as this takes the unique shapes and features within a room and utilizes them to create a truly special wine storage room. This under stairs wine room utilizes the cascading shape of typical under-stair space. Additionally, the walls follow the curve of the staircase above, so the racks themselves are curved to accommodate the unique shape of the space. Through the use of these beautiful racks, we achieved a wine capacity of 450 consecutive bottles.

Chino Hills East Los Angeles Eco-Friendly Custom Under Stairs Wine Cellar

Custom wine cellar walls curve with the staircase above, the wine racks themselves are curved

This custom wine cellar in Chino Hills, East Los Angeles, California is comprised of Vintique custom wine racks. Vintique wine racks are crafted from reclaimed wine barrels and fermentation tanks making them an eco-friendly wine storage solution; one rich with wine history.

Cellar Features

The final and perhaps most noteworthy aspect of this cellar, and any cellar with Vintique racking, is its dimension of sustainability. Because the custom racking is composed of only recycled materials, Vintique cellars are ideal for wine collectors that are conscientious of their carbon footprint.

  • 450 Bottle Capacity
  • Under Stairs Wine Cellar
  • Eco-friendly racking made from: Reclaimed wine barrels & Fermentation tanks
  • Custom Curved Racking Design

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